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10 Signs You’re a Science Major

1. I can’t, I have to study.

What you tell your friends every time they ask you to hang out.

2. That annoyed feeling you get when you hear non-science major students complaining about their classes.

Yes please continue to tell me how your psychology class is “the hardest class ever.” Try taking physiology and chemistry AT THE SAME TIME!

3. When your professor tells you your final is going to be cumulative, you die a little inside.

The individual tests were hard enough, now this!?

4. You get jealous of everyone that gets to go out and have fun on the weekends, because all you do is study.

Yes, you would love to have a social life and enjoy this time while you’re young, but you need an A on this exam.

5. In the rare event that you do have free time, you spend it with your friends talking about school.

Even though you don’t have to worry about school, you’re still worrying about school.

6. Every time you pull an all nighter studying for an exam, you contemplate why you chose to be a science major.

It feels like you haven’t slept for three days…because you really haven’t.

7. You might only have to go to school three days a week, but you go every day because you need to study lab.

No, you don’t want to go to school on your days off, but the only way to pass lab is to actually study in the lab.

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8. You spend so much time worrying about your classes, that you actually start dreaming about them.

That moment in your dream when you can’t get through the door until you list all branches AND sub-branches of the aortic arch.

9. By the end of the semester you are completely exhausted.

Thank goodness winter break is like a month-long!

10. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t change a thing.

Even though you hate feeling tired and drained of energy all the time, science will always have your heart.

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