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10 Signs Your Roommate is Your Soulmate

10 Signs Your Roommate is Your Soulmate

10 Signs Your Roommate is Your Soulmate

Let’s be honest, you didn’t expect for this to happen. It began as an innocent friendship, just a shot in the dark to avoid going random when it came to the residence hall lottery, but it has turned into something much deeper than that. She was the first person you met in college and since then you both have experienced many more firsts together. Remember the first day of class? Or the first all nighter? Or your first attempt at going out? And nothing is ever boring when you two are together whether you are massively cleaning your dorm room, trucking through midterms or wandering around campus– it is always accompanied by belly aching laughter and odd looks from strangers (they’re just jealous). She is your backbone, cheerleader and partner in crime who holds an undying confidence in your abilities (something that college tests daily). Here are 10 signs that she is not just your roommate but your soulmate, too.

1. Netflix and chill occurs every night and there are never any expectations.

There’s nothing better than ending the long day with a large bowl of popcorn and a Friends marathon (without any unwanted advances).

2. She forgives you when you eat her pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

It was an accident (okay maybe not, but it was calling out your name). She may be a little salty but she can’t stay mad forever. In fact you’ve seen each other hangry and still love each other.


3. There is no passive aggression within your relationship.

In fact, you are incredibly blunt towards one another but never take offense to the words that are said when one is hangry, tired or stressed (aka all of the time).

4. Your outfits always seem to end up color coordinated and you never even plan it.

She’s your shopping partner and naturally has the same taste in clothing, so often you end up buying the same thing– which is fine. That is until you both get dressed and realize that you are wearing basically the same outfit– or at least the same color scheme. But since you are pretty much the same person, and it makes for a cute photo, you just go along with it.

5. You are always on the same page.

Whether it be wanting pizza at 2 AM or needing to take a nap, you both are always in sync. Legit, your synchronization sometimes freaks you both out and definitely freaks out those around you.


6. You find extreme enjoyment in embarrassing each other.

Normally you make a fool of yourselves together. However, sometimes she just isn’t in the mood which makes breaking into song and dance that much more amusing.

7. Together you can find an excuse for anything.

Who needs to workout when you take the stairs? French fries are potatoes which are vegetables so basically they are like broccoli thus should be incorporated in every meal– same with peanut butter ice cream, hella protein, right? Okay, maybe not exactly, but those excuses are good enough for both of you.

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8. You can have a total melt down and she will grab a box of tissues and listen to your irrational conclusions about life.

…which normally ends with her crying too because everything you say makes complete sense at 2 AM. Then you realize that you actually have no clue what the hell you are doing with your life, this whole ‘adulting’ thing is difficult and that boys are a waste of time and perpetually stupid and unobservant, but you can’t live without them.

9. You miss each other after an obscenely short amount of time of being apart.

After two hours of studying apart, you find yourselves texting about how much you miss each other and just thinking about having to part ways over winter breaks makes you both tear up.


10. You have both accepted the fact that you will probably be single at forty but that’s okay because at least you will have each other and a really nice penthouse.

And you’re okay with that.
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