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10 Signs Not to Date a Libra Women

10 Signs Not to Date a Libra Women

It is no surprise that for a few years now, the idea of dating has drastically changed. It’s not that simple anymore. There are a lot of things that you have to take in from the person who you date such as their religion, sexual preferences, and political views. But the last thing you ever want to do is date Libra women!

1. Selfish

It is no doubt that Libras are probably the worst sign considering how they see themselves as always full of shit, and constantly sneaking around with other people while in a relationship. But if we’re talking selfishly, most Libra women display that. Libra women nowadays want to act like guys but still get treated like a woman in a relationship. That right there shows how Libra women want nothing to do with relationships but just want to see this as a way of having fun. If you ask me, it’s pretty damn childish and stupid! 

Libra women equals straight toxic


2. Toxic

It’s no surprise that some women can find joy in arguing, but that’s only because she just likes having a fun tease in a relationship. Libra women however don’t think the same. A Libra woman will just try and find the pettiest thing to argue about and knows that it will get on your nerves. However, she knows that you won’t correct her on it because, in guys’ heads, we have it made up that if I can not live without this girl and if I correct her she will leave me and I’ll feel sad. Libra women just like to use this to their advantage and mess with our emotions for their pleasure. 

Libra women, basically the devil in disguise

3. Gold digger

sure a few women may only get with a man for his lavish lifestyle, but for Libra women, one man is not enough. Libra women, love going from guy to guy going after their possessions just so they don’t have to put any hard work into themselves. They are all obsessed with this negative idea to be a real woman, you have to be a bad bitch that only takes a man’s bread and leave.


Libra women only want the cash

4. Loves the gram more than she loves you

As guys, we can tell a girl that she is beautiful over and over every day. But it doesn’t mean anything unless it boosts her status on IG. Libra women are obsessed with only going viral on social media by just doing things temporarily like being in a relationship and having a ton of guys flood her dm’s when really, it’s only for chasing clout. The feeling may be real for us, but to her, it’s nothing but social media recognition. 

Libra women are all about clout chasing


5. Hypocritical

I can understand how most women complain about all these guys who act like disrespectful thugs and just want to find a decent guy whose respectful and kind. But really, all they are just doing is going against their word choice to be with some toxic guy. Most women won’t say it because they don’t want guys to know that she has such low standards. But we can tell by the types of guys Libra women are into. 

Never trust what a Libra women says to you

6. You are, not the only guy she’s talking with

If Libra woman ever tells you the famous phrase ” your the only guy that I talk to” that right there is a clear indicator that she is lying. Libra women love talking to more than one guy because it gives them a sense of superiority or getting one up on a guy before he possibly gets the chance to try and play her. Also, Libra women know that most men will fall for this trick because it will make us feel as if we have accomplished the task of having getting a girl to just only talk to one guy. Libra Women have a list full of guys in their phone


7. Boujee 

There is nothing wrong with having a good form of self-independence and respect for you, but there is a fine line between the two but for Libra women, that line does not exist. Libra women again are obsessed with wanting to act one way but still get treated another. In this case, it’s wanting to act stuck up, boujee and do whatever a bad bitch wants while still expecting men to treat her like a woman. 

A Libra women is all about being boujee

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8. She’s all about games

If you date a Libra woman and expect her to be honest and show you compassion, you are just setting yourself up for failure my guy. The last thing a Libra woman cares about is telling a guy that she has feelings for him when it’s all about just toying with emotions making him think that you are interested as well. This is usually done by girls and their friends where they will compete to see how many guys they can get with.

Libra women are all about games in a relationship

9. It’s all about sex 

I can’t tell how many times I hear women complain about how all guys ever think about is sex. This might come by as a surprise, but Libra women think the same way as guys do when they constantly want nothing but freaky sex all the time. The only issue in comparison between each other is that Libra women won’t say it like men because they don’t want to be labeled ad cheap or loose but have no problem calling men F-boys. My thought on it is don’t try and talk negatively about someone else and justify yourself when someone brings up your toxic habits. 


Closest thing to imitate from a Libra women is just rough sex

10. Toxic goes with toxic

It is rare if a Libra woman finds a man of her choosing, I hate to be honest but if you are a guy and your not a loud rough thug who just likes causing trouble, you are wasting time trying to get a Libra woman. If he doesn’t have the same toxic level as she does, a Libra woman doesn’t want him.  

Libra women only want toxic guys who have that same toxic level


I hope this article gave you an understanding of how she can be toxic depending on her sign. Let me know if there are any other traits you find negative about Libra’s in the comments.