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10 Signs You Go To Sinclair Community College

Keep reading for 10 signs you go to Sinclair Community College!

1. You have to drive either 30 minutes or 15 minutes to campus (depending on the traffic) because you don’t have dorms.

2. You are aware that I-75 has the worst traffic and always has construction!

Because the process of going through all the construction on the highway and figuring out Downtown Dayton streets creates more stress.

3. You will probably find a really good parking spot without any hassle.

4. When people ask you where you are going to college you get embarrassed in a low-key way and say “SinclairCommunityCollege” really fast so they don’t understand you.

5. You won’t be in debt until at least your junior year of college.

So yes go buy that cute shirt, or that Starbucks.


6. You can go to any school you want after your two years, but you aren’t ready for the big change to a university.


7. The tunnels give you life during the winter.

8. The greatest thing about the downtown Sinclair campus is the Starbucks.

9. Our library is kinda awkward.

10. There are 4 different Sinclair campuses just for YOUR convenience.
What are some other signs you go to Sinclair Community College? Comment below and share this article with a friend!
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