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10 Signs You Go To Ohio University

10 Signs You Go To Ohio University

If you are currently attending Ohio University or are already alumni, you will definitely be able to relate to these 10 signs!

1. When you tell someone where you go to school they respond with “Go Bucks!”

Did I say Ohio State? The mascot for my college is not a tree nut with a face on it, and the colors are not scarlet and grey. They aren’t even close. My school is in Athens, not Columbus. The differences are endless. Please get your colleges straight.

2. You get confused when people ask who Jeff and Morton are.

Nope, those aren’t people. They’re hills. Very, very big hills…with names.


3. The thought of Miami University makes you cringe.

Please do not mention THAT school. The water fountains of the school could be filled with fruit punch, and we still wouldn’t step foot on the campus.

4. Knowing students in the 110 is like knowing celebrities.

I mean, it is. They’ve gone viral how many times?  These musicians are the shining stars of halftime at football games and literally blow us away with renditions of top ten hits and dance moves that resemble P-90X workouts.

5. Big Mamas taught you how to love.

Big Mamma’s may or may not be a staple in your diet. Just kidding. It definitely is. And let’s be real, burritos just taste better a 2 a.m. It’s a fact.


6. You’ve never met anyone not involved in something.

From intramural sports to the Harry Potter Alliance, Ohio University has a place for everyone.

7. Every t-shirt you own is Ohio University related.

There are free t-shirts everywhere. Sometimes you don’t even know how you came to own the T-shirt you’re wearing.  But you can’t even be mad.

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8. Your friends from high school get incredibly friendly around Halloween.

“Hi, I know we haven’t said a word to each other since sophomore year of high school, but we should totally hang out!” Like maybe at your dorm room…around Halloween time…

9. Your campus is haunted.

The Ridges, previously known as the Athens Lunatic Asylum, looks over campus, adding an eerie touch to the oldest college campus in Ohio. Oh, did we mention that Ohio University is in the dead center of five cemeteries, coincidentally forming a pentagram? (Nervous yet?)

10. You can’t get enough of your college.

You flood Instagram with pictures of your beautiful campus using the hashtag #nofilter just to prove that your college campus is the best. When you go home for breaks, you gush over how much you love your school. What do you mean I get only four years here? That can’t possibly be enough.

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