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10 Signs You Go To Central College

10 Signs You Go To Central College

If you’re like me, you absolutely love your school and everything about it. Central College isn’t on a lot of people’s radar because who wants to go to a small town in Iowa for a college education? Sign me up! Even though Central is a small school with a mere 1,500 students it is easy to spot current students or alumnae, because of these 10 things.

1. You want to clap when someone breaks a dish or glass in a public place.

Because tradition. Enough said.

2. Cuifs means something TOTALLY different to you.

Central Market aka Central University of Iowa Food Services aka CUIFS.


3. You have participated in a lemming race or two.

Who are you to not partake in tradition of racing down Peace Mall and climbing onto the island? It’s a must.

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4. You think it’s normal to greet LITERALLY EVERYONE you pass.

5. You don’t know exactly what the mascot is supposed to be, but you love it anyway.

6. You jump at the chance to play gennis.

Because what else do people do on nice days?


7. What do you mean other colleges don’t have Breakfast of Champions?!

Donuts. Orange Juice. Professors serving you. Why wouldn’t you want that?

8. Your wardrobe is 80% Central apparel.

9. You feel a connection towards anyone you see wearing Central College gear.

10. You make sure people know the difference between Central College and Iowa Central BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

Can you think of any other signs you go to Central College that our readers should know about? Comment below and share this article!
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