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10 Signs You’re a Frat Groupie at UA

10 Signs You’re a Frat Groupie at UA

Attention Frat Groupies: We all have that one fraternity we just fall in love with. We don’t know how it happens, or even when it happens, it just does. And when it does, there’s no turning back…you become an initiated member (in your head anyway). All of a sudden, your Instagram is tagged at their house in every other picture but it’s OK because you’re not alone…here are 10 signs that prove you’re a frat groupie.


1. You’ve been there since day one.

Literally from the first day of college to the last…

2. You know the guys that some of the brothers don’t even know.

“Dude seriously how does she know him, he’s never even around the house?”


3. You can walk in in pajamas and no makeup and feel completely comfortable.

OK maybe not during a party, but even if you did it wouldn’t even be an issue.

4. You own every t-shirt from every event and wear it with pride.

Unless you’re not a shacker in which case you wish you did…but you’ll probably steal some here and there.

5. People will ask you when the frat’s events are.

“Should I ask him to my date party?”


“I would say yes but he can’t go he has an alum event that night, UGH!” 

6. You’re usually on any elevated surface in the house.

Bar, table, chair, bp table, stage…name it and there you are.

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7. You know where all the hidden drinks are.

At this point, you’re a dude- so getting yourself drinks is the usual, and of course you have your friends covered.

8. You have no problem going to the hidden bathrooms…as well as the men’s.

Everyone knows at darties the bathroom lines are RIDICULOUS, so naturally as a part of the fraternity, you feel that it is OK to just stroll right into the men’s room, or walk upstairs past the security guard to avoid waiting.

9. You go to all their events.

Date parties, alumni balls, philanthropy events, name it and you’re there. The guys probably wouldn’t even be surprised if you walked in on a Sunday afternoon just to chill…


10. You’re a brother. And you know it.

A surefire sign that you’re obsessed with fraternities. From the brotherhood, to the creed, to everything in between, you feel a special bond with these guys. You feel the most comfortable here and at the end of the day you’ll have more fun at a pregame with 5 people at the house rather than a huge basement party at another…it’s just home.

What are some other signs you might be a frat groupie? Comment below and share this article with any other frat loving friends!
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