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10 Sex Tips For College Freshmen

10 Sex Tips For College Freshmen

10 Sex Tips For College Freshman

Going into college your freshman year can be intimidating…in more ways than one. Here are some sex tips for college freshmen to at least provide a little help with one part of college life, SEX.


1. Before consenting to sex, always ask one important question…

“When were you last tested for STDs and AIDS?”

If they can’t provide you with the solid answer that they are free of disease, it is not worth the risk of having sex with them. Sexually transmitted diseases are more common in college than most people are comfortable to admit, and are a very serious matter. Get tested regularly, even if you and your partner having been together for an extended length of time.


This is on of those sex tips that should not be taken lightly. At our age, we are not mentally and physically prepared for the responsibilities and challenges of pregnancy and bringing a child to this world. Yes, a child is a blessing, but becoming pregnant in college with just a weekend hook-up is not ideal. And ladies, don’t expect the man to always have a condom on hand, have your own supply as well if you plan on being sexually active. Also note that condoms are not always reliable and a second means of birth control is heavily advised.

3. It’s hard to completely separate emotions from sex.

While sex seems to be a purely physical activity, there are still emotional connections involved because of our complete and total vulnerability. Not only should you protect yourself from diseases, but protect your emotional state as well. Discuss the relationship you’re having with your partner and what you both seek to gain from the experience, whether it be a hook-up, a relationship, an intimate friendship, etc.

4. Have a sex talk with your roommate.

This may be uncomfortable at first, but you are sharing your room with another person, be considerate of that. Come up with a way to tell each other when you need the room to yourself for some sexy time. It’s not rude to ask of them; privacy is important in one’s life from time to time. What is rude is when you “sexile” them from their own room without prior notice, or if they unknowingly walk in on you mid act. Be courteous and come up with a specific text code, a symbol outside the room, or arrange a known time so both parties can avoid awkward tension about the other’s sex life.

5. Know and become familiar with your school’s policy against sexual assault.

You might think this is one of those sex tips that doesn’t apply to you, but trust me when I say that sexual assault happens on college campuses more often than you think, and is a very serious matter. While it isn’t discussed as often as it should, this does happen and if you go to a “big party” school, the likelihood of it happening increases. This isn’t just knowledge you should have for yourself, but should also be used to keep your friends out of harm’s way. Also, sexual assault isn’t just something that can happen to women, it happens to men, too. If someone confesses it happening to them, take it seriously and don’t blame the victim.

6. Sex should always be CONSENSUAL!

This is another one of my sex tips that you should always remember. If you are drunk or under the influence of drugs, you are unable to give your full and honest consent due to your rationale being impaired. If you notice someone taking advantage of another person at a party, or whatever other social event, diffuse the situation so the disadvantaged is not sexually assaulted. Watch out for others so we become a community who is aware and against violence.

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7. Sleeping with friend’s exes is ill-advised.

This, more often than not, leads to awkward tension between your friend and your new relationship. And whether you think so or not, genuine friendship in college is difficult to find in the large pool of people. Don’t ruin a good friendship for a quickie. Even if your friend gives you the go ahead – they don’t really mean it. Especially when you want to talk about your “new” sex life with them – totally out of the question.

8. Sex with professors or faculty isn’t as great an idea as it is in your wild fantasy.

The relationship is typically short-lived due to its inherent setbacks in misuse of authority. This is not to say it couldn’t work out, but you’ve seen the movies; the odds of it ending well are very unlikely. Plus, you probably have to see this person for the next four years…

9. Next, don’t commit to someone so quickly.

You’re young and have a lot to learn about yourself, others, and the world throughout the next 4 years. And in order to further develop your unique sense of self, you should experience several different types companionship with a diverse group of people to truly gauge what your true needs are in another.

10. Understand that sex is meant to please both parties.

After following all of the other 9 sex tips presented above, you need to remember that sex is a give and take relationship. Discuss what you are and are not comfortable with. This allows all that are involved to be pleased and remain safe. If you have something new and exciting you want to try with your partner, let them in on the idea to make sure it’s something they’re comfortable with. The last thing you need is to make your partner feel insecure or pressured. Love and be loved!
DO you have any more must-know sex tips for college freshmen? Let us know down below!
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