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10 Secrets College Students Won’t Tell You

10 Secrets College Students Won’t Tell You

1. The Freshman 15 is real. Or is it Freshman 20? Yikes.

With the increase of late night partying often comes the increase of late night bingeing…which often comes with the increase of weight gain. If you start to see the pounds packing on, consider skipping that pizza at 2 a.m., and try hitting the gym a few times a week!

2. You’ll be the most tired you’ve ever been, but not tired enough to skip a night out.

Yup, classes since 8 a.m. this morning, no naps and another 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. Best party of the semester tonight? You’ll be there, I guarantee it.

3. There’s no such thing as the “in” crowd anymore.

High school is over, people! No one cares if you’re the popular, pretty cheerleader or the computer nerd. Find the group of people you mesh well with and make lifetime friendships.


4. Getting to know your professors is awesome; some of them have the best stories.

Midnight rock stars to backpacking adventurists – you never know what your college professors are up to outside of the classroom and you never know where their friendship could come in handy.

5. Some of your textbooks will remain untouched.

You wasted $300 on textbooks this semester and probably only opened them to answer 2 homework questions a week. Shrug.

6. Being “poor” takes on a new meaning.

You can’t afford anything but somehow you’re able to drink every weekend.


7. Dressing up only happens at night.

Who wants to put on nice clothes to go sit in a 3 hour lecture? Stock up on t-shirts and sweat pants because you’ll be wearing them 24/7. Until it’s time to party, of course.

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8. A trip to the library never leads to productivity.

Chances are you’ll spend the entire time perusing social media, people watching or catching a few Z’s. But hey, at  least you’ve completely mastered your procrastination skills.


9. Study abroad should consider a name change.

Let’s face it, the amount of studying you’ll actually do on your overseas adventure is probably minimal. Going abroad is about the experience – sightseeing and learning new culture is why you’re really there.

10. College isn’t just about how full your course load is or how many frat parties you attend.

As college students you will learn to grow, make mistakes, and embrace your best you. ‘Nuff said!

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