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10 Secret Menu Starbucks Drinks To Get When You Need To Switch Things Up

If you order a drink straight off the Starbucks menu, you are missing out! There are seriously an endless amount of drinks that a person could order at Starbucks. Technically, Starbucks does not have a secret menu. However, you can customize any of their drinks to your liking. You will have to give your barista the exact recipe for whichever drink you decide to order.

All of the choices can be a little overwhelming, so keep reading for 10 “secret menu” Starbucks drinks that you need to try out (with the ordering instructions!). This list has something for everybody to try; coffee, sweet frappuccinos, and fruity drinks!

1. Frosty Frappuccino

This drink is inspired by a Wendy’s chocolate Frosty. To order this, ask your barista for a Grande Mocha Frappuccino, that is made with heavy whipping cream instead of milk. Then ask them to add two pumps of vanilla syrup and mocha drizzle. That is it! You have now got yourself a delicious frosty that has some added caffeine.

If you would rather have the vanilla version, opt for a vanilla bean frappuccino with the same customizations, except for the mocha drizzle.


2. The *Elevated* Iced White Chocolate Mocha

If you like sweet coffee drinks, this one is perfect for you. This drink has been all over Tik Tok and social media recently, and a lot of Starbucks baristas have said that they make over a dozen of them a day. It costs a whopping seven dollars, but it is definitely worth it. To order this, start by asking for a venti iced white chocolate mocha latte. Then, you will customize it by adding vanilla sweet cream cold foam on top and extra caramel drizzle.

3. The Sunset Ombre Drink

This drink is perfect to get if you are not in the mood for coffee. It has an ombre look to it, with a lighter color on the bottom that fades into a darker one, much like a sunset. To order this drink, you will ask for a Venti mango dragonfruit refresher with lemonade, but with no dragonfruit inclusions. Next, ask your barista to put some peach juice and passion fruit tea on top.

This drink is super refreshing and is perfect for spring and summer. Not to mention, the drink is beautiful so do not forget to snap some pictures of it.

4. The Cookie Butter Latte

If you are a fan of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, then you need to try out this drink. It tastes just like it! This is how you order the drink: ask for a grande iced chai tea latte made with oat milk. Add in two pumps of brown sugar syrup and one pump of chai. If you want some caffeine, you can get one shot of blonde espresso added too!

This recipe is pretty popular on Tik Tok, and it even got Lizzo’s stamp of approval.

5. The Twix Frappuccino

For lovers of chocolate and caramel, this is perfect for you. This drink is definitely on the sweeter side, so be prepared. To get it, you will start off by ordering a caramel frappuccino. Then to customize it, ask your barista to blend in java chips, and add two pumps of hazelnut syrup, extra caramel drizzle, and mocha drizzle. It tastes just like the Twix candy bar!

6. Pink Piña Colada Drink

This is another drink that is perfect for you non-coffee drinkers. This will make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation. To get this piña colada drink, order a venti pink drink with no strawberry pieces inside. Ask them to add in four pumps of their pineapple ginger syrup too. Top it off with vanilla sweet cream cold foam that has two pumps of pineapple ginger and strawberry puree blended in.

7. The Cinnamon Frappuccino

This drink tastes just like cinnamon rolls! When you pull up to Starbucks, start by ordering a vanilla bean frappuccino. Customize it by adding white mocha syrup and cinnamon dolce syrup. You will do one pump of each for Tall, two for Grande, and three pumps for a Venti. Finally, ask them to sprinkle some cinnamon dolce powder on top!

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8. The Strawberry Shake

Starbucks does not technically make milkshakes, but this frappuccino tastes just like one. So delicious! Start by ordering a venti strawberries and cream frappuccino that is made with heavy whipping cream instead of milk. Then, ask your barista to add in two pumps of white mocha syrup, two pumps of vanilla syrup, and extra strawberries blended in.


9. The Iced Samoa Cold Brew

Are you craving Girl Scout Cookies? This drink is sure to curb your craving. It has notes of chocolate, caramel, and coconut, just like the Girl Scout Samoa, or caramel delight, cookie.

To order the Samoa iced drink, ask for a venti cold brew first. Then, add your customizations. You will do two pumps of caramel syrup, two pumps of vanilla syrup, caramel drizzle, and mocha drizzle. You will top your drink off with vanilla sweet cream cold foam that is made with coconut milk. Ask for two pumps of caramel into the foam as well!

You could also get this drink made into a frappuccino as well if you ask for it blended. I have never tried it, but I am sure it is amazing!

10. The Gummy Bear Refresher

This Starbucks drink will send you right back to your childhood. It is super easy to order. Ask your barista to make a venti strawberry acai refresher with no water. Instead of the water, you will substitute peach juice, and then add two pumps of raspberry syrup. That’s it! You have got yourself a gummy bear refresher.

This drink is colorful, refreshing, and delicious.

Which drink are you most excited to try on your next trip to Starbucks? Do you have any other suggestions for drinks that we need to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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