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10 Savory Sandwich Shops In San Diego

10 Savory Sandwich Shops In San Diego

In the mood for a sandwich? Whether you want a delicious cold cut or a mouthwatering toasted delight, I promise this list has you covered! So check out these top 10 savory sandwich shops in San Diego! Let us know which one was your favorite! 

1. Lit’l Pepper

Lit’l Pepper is absolutely phenomenal! From the inviting atmosphere, attentive service, and AMAZING sandwiches, this gourmet delicatessen is a hidden treasure in the Kearny Mesa area, and worth the drive! Their sandwiches are huge and stuffed with fresh ingredients, so make sure to bring along a friend and share a sub! 


2. Fatboy’s Deli & Spirits

With creative flavor combos (like Hot Cheetos) and the option to make your own sandwich, this sandwich shop is a must-see! There are tons of options for bread, meat, cheese, and other condiments. Also, Fatboy’s is a liquor store, so feel free to pick up a pint or some bottles of a drink you fancy!

3. The Olive Tree Marketplace

I absolutely love this place! The Olive Tree Marketplace is family-owned and known for making an awesome pasta salad. Not only do they have great service, but they also have a wide variety of items, including high-quality meats and cheeses, great weekly sales on wine, and fresh fruit and vegetables. All this and then some makes this shop definitely worth your while to visit! Also, a word to the wise, order their sandwiches as is, meaning don’t substitute or change anything! They’re perfect just the way they are.


4. Beyer Deli

Beyer Deli is a hole-in-the-wall spot that everyone should know about! Beyer is very generous with their meat to veggies and bread ratio (you really get your money’s worth)! The staff is very friendly and the inside is super clean. If you don’t know what to order when you’re there, definitely get my personal favorite, the pastrami sandwich! And, a tip for first-timers: Take cash, as this place currently doesn’t accept chip or cards… yet!


5. Mona Lisa Italian Foods

This restaurant definitely lives up to its super cool name! Mona Lisa is truly a great gourmet deli shop where you can find seasonal ingredients. Once you’re there, you can buy authentic and fresh Italian food, cheese, groceries, and meat to create an amazing spread! Mona Lisa has almost everything, but their deli sandwiches are the best (I recommend getting the number 18). If you’re not in the mood for a mouthwatering European-style sandwich though, don’t worry! You can’t go wrong with one of their signature pizzas or Italian desserts! These guys have it all! 

6. K Sandwiches 

K Sandwiches might look simple, but their great prices and tasty sandwiches make them one of the best deli shops out there!


K is the only place where you can get a Bahn Mi sandwich for less than $6 AND they are jam-packed with flavorful fillings! Also, make sure to get one of their signature boba drinks (I love their boba drinks because they aren’t too sweet). K has a great selection of French pastries, Vietnamese sweets, and their spring rolls have a great dipping sauce. Order anything, and you’ll be pleased. 

7. Cheba Hut Toasted Subs

If you live by San Diego State University, then this is the place to be! With a strong emphasis on cannabis (you’ll see the giant sign right when you walk in, you can’t miss it), this sandwich shop definitely stands out! These guys know how to make a sandwich! The buns are toasted perfectly and they have a generous meat-to-bun ratio. Jam-packed with lettuce and pickle spears, you don’t want to miss out on this place! The atmosphere is always very chill, and the workers are super friendly (I wonder why…)! I recommend getting the White Widow as is! 


8. Hungry Bear Deli 

Dare I say, this might be the best sandwich shop in all of San Diego. Yeah, I know. Bold.

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These guys can make a mean sandwich, and like a real hungry bear, you’ll be clawing the walls for more! Hungry Bear has FLAVOR!! Their subs come with fresh veggies and bread softer than a teddy bear. When in doubt, go for their killer Pastrami sandwich! Their customer service is friendly and the cooks are working so hard to produce only the best subs. 10/10 I recommend!

9. Rock n’ Jenny’s Italian Subs

Rock n’ Jenny’s is an outstanding family-run establishment! They have great sandwiches all across the board and a wide variety of choices at that. Although, my favorite sub is the meatball sandwich with jalapeños on the bottom. The sauce is fantastic and the meatballs are cooked to perfection, with melted grated cheese on the top (is your mouth watering yet!?). With the pandemic hitting a lot of mom-and-pop shops hard, give these guys some love and stop by Rock n’ Jenny’s for a delicious sub!


10. Board and Brew

Board and Brew is a must-see sandwich shop for any tourist visiting San Diego (or any local)! They rock the classic surfer-beach vibe to a tee and have great customer service! Not only are these sandwiches to die for, but they’re huge! Board and Brew are known for their wide variety of hot and cold subs that go perfectly with their signature sauce! My personal favorites are the Turkado and the Baja Chicken. Also, they have pretty good beer on tap. 

There are a couple locations in San Diego, one right by the ocean in Del Mar, and my personal favorite, the Scripps Ranch location. Scripps is best because they have great outdoor seating in their patio area.


The bottom line: You have to get their sweet sauce! It’s ridiculously perfect! 

Mmm, are you all hungry now? Which of these savory sandwich shops is your favorite? Was there a sandwich shop missing from our list that needs to be here? Share your thoughts in the comments below and give your star sub a shout-out!

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