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10 Romantic Winter Date Ideas

10 Romantic Winter Date Ideas

1. Snowball Fights!

What better way to have a little friendly competition with your significant other? You attack each other and then giddily run away. Of course the snow is slippery, so you will undoubtedly trip and fall onto one another. I think you know what comes next…a sweet little kiss on the lips. How much more romantic can it get?

2. Ice skating


Hold hands with your sweetie pie by partaking in this cute winter date. Whether you’re ice skating on a natural pond or heading to an indoor/outdoor rink, I guarantee you’ll see tons of other couples with the same idea. You can try to win each other over with classic turns and jumps. After failing miserably, head out for some hot chocolate while laughing about your dreadful skating abilities.

3. Go sledding

Hike up that little hill and get ready for a fun and hilarious date with your sweetheart. Race each other up the hills, try to pile on top of the same sled together, and just enjoy each other’s time.


4. Take a walk in a winter wonderland!

The first snow fall of the winter season, bundle up and take a walk. Enjoy the quietness and simple beauty of the snow. Take in the fresh air and scenery without spending any money. Your darling will surely appreciate this cheap date!

5. Attend a hockey game


If this is one of your passions, take your girlfriend/boyfriend to a game. Let them have a sneak peek into the game’s die hard fans. Get tickets to one of the big games and snack on stadium food like peanuts and hot dogs.

6. Have a bake off!

A date you can have right in the comfort of your own home. Best part about this one -you both get a reward! Yes, I’m talking about those delicious (hopefully) cookies you baked. If this is your secret talent than you can even teach your s.o. how to bake.


7. Indoor s’mores

Who doesn’t love s’mores? I know I do! Simply get the ingredients and just pop it in the oven or microwave. An easy and cheap way to spend some time together – you can’t beat it. Share some stories, jokes, or just take the time to enjoy each others company after a long day.

8. Build a gingerbread house

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If it happens to turn into a frosting fight… so be it. You both might be on a bit of a sugar high from eating all that candy, but no doubt you’ll create a masterpiece (at least in your eyes).

9. Build a fort and watch Christmas movies


It was fun when we were young so let’s relive the memories with this romantic date night in. Once the fort is built, snuggle up and play an old time favorite Christmas movie. My personal favorite is “ How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”

10. Lounge

This last date idea is probably my favorite. I love breakfast and of course, eating breakfast in my PJs. So why not make it a date? PJs and cartoons accompanied by breakfast for dinner! If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, light that sucker up and enjoy some quality cuddles with your hunny!



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