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10 Recipes That’ll Change the Way You See Crêpes

10 Recipes That’ll Change the Way You See Crêpes

The crêpe is one of the most versatile French pastries. You can use it like a tortilla, like a taco or you can stack some to form a cake-like dessert. But even with these basic ideas in mind, it can be hard to unleash your creativity so have this list of ten recipes to help get you started. You’ll never see the crêpe the same way again!

1.Savory Breakfast Crêpe Pockets

This recipe from Tasty combines breakfast favorites like cheese, ham and eggs into a convenient crêpe square that can be easily taken on the go. That’s assuming you don’t just dig into it straight away! It’s really tempting!

2.PB&J Crêpe Gift Box

Another one from Tasty. This one can be considered the lunch version of #1. Whereas the first was a messy breakfast treat, this one uses raspberry jam to form a more innovative equivalent of a jam sandwich. So skip the white bread and dig into something sweet instead; try this recipe out!

3.Spinach Crêpes with Ricotta, Tomatoes and Basil

These crêpes, brought to you by Yummly, combine French and Italian flavors to produce a multicultural dinner that’ll please fans of both cuisines alike. The use of spinach is a nice touch for those who are more calorie-conscious.

4.Nutella Crêpe Cake

Food52 presents a variation on the mille crêpe (or crêpe cake) that’s all about chocolate! This recipe essentially boils down to stacking layers of crêpes and hazelnut spread, making it a sort of pastry lasagna. It’s certainly the sweetest looking dessert beyond an actual chocolate cake!

5.Shepherd’s Pie Crêpes

Jumping from Italy to Ireland, this recipe from WorldofCrêpes combines the rustic, country cuisine of the British Isles with French street fare to give you a plate you’ll have to struggle to forget!

6.Chicken Enchilada Crêpes with Guacamole

When we said that crêpes can be used like tortillas, we meant it. This French twist on a classic Mexican dish, which comes from Yummy, looks closer to wraps than regular enchiladas do but don’t let that discourage you. This recipe is going to please Mexican food lovers, French food lovers and healthy eaters alike.

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7.Croque Madame Crêpes

How do you take the already quintessentially French pastry and make it even more French than it was before? Turn it into a croque madame sandwich! This is similar to #1 but uses fried eggs and gruyère to make a crispy, savory lunch that’s equally as portable!

8.Passover Crêpe with Three Fillings

Observant Jews know the struggle of having to find bread substitutes on Passover. But there are plenty of creative ways to get by with them. Koshereye‘s recipe fits for this time of the year as well as for anyone who keeps kosher any time else.

9.Pizza Crêpes

WorldofCrêpes is back with another ingenious recipe. This one won’t take too long to prepare. Plus, it’s helpful for beginning cooks who want to hone their skills before moving on to something a bit more challenging. Of course, if you just want a softer version of a pizza bite, this recipe also works well for you!

10.Crêpes Suzettes

One last offering from WorldofCrêpes before this list is over: the crêpe Suzette, a classic of upscale France. Of course, this recipe subtracts a few scales so you can make it at home. Give it a shot!

So what did you think of those crêpe recipes? If you are planning to use one of them or you have before, leave a comment about it in the comments section below!
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