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10 Reasons Why You Already Can’t Wait to Go Back to ESU

True Life: I’m a senior at ESU! (EW, I can’t believe how fast time has gone!), and I’m so ready to go back to ESU! No seriously, I’m ready to start a countdown to move in day. I can’t even begin to describe the desire to be back on campus and how quickly I’m ready for this summer to go. Here’s a list of reasons why I can’t wait to get back to ESU!

1. You miss your freedom.

Being home from school is great and all, BUT what isn’t so great is the lack of freedom at home. Back at school, you’re responsible for yourself and if you want to get up at 2 am for a Wawa run, you can do that. However, being back home, you have to answer to everyone, especially your parents and can’t just pick up and leave whenever you want to.

2. Your real friends are your college friends.

My friends are so important to me and most of them don’t live close to me at home. But when we’re up at school, we’re all together again and the world feels right.


3. Free gym membership.

Now that I’m home, when I want to work out, I have to use a real gym membership. So I bought a membership at Retro that’s costing me like $20 a month but since I don’t have my workout buddies back home, I’m not really motivated to go. Do you see my dilemma here????? At least up at school, I have people to work out with AND I can use the gym for free.

4. You’ve spent entirely too much time shopping and binge watching shows on Netflix.

If you’re like me, you’ve been spending way too much money out of sheer boredom and bingeing WAY TOO MANY shows on Netflix and then spiraling into depression when you finish a series. It’s time to go back.

5. You’re tired of bumping into everyone from high school.

I HATE SMALL TALK AND ANY KIND OF ENCOUNTER WITH PEOPLE I DON’T CARE ABOUT. There I said it and now you know. There’s nothing more awkward than running into Walmart with a messy bun and sweatpants and bumping into like 20 different people you graduated with. UGH, please go away!! Find another Walmart, this one is mine!

6. Your family is driving you insane.

You love them but right now, you hate them a little bit too. They’re in your face and super nosy. When you’re at school, you’re not dealing with any of that so now that you’re home, you’re not used to it anymore. Just remember, only 2 more months before you’re back in school.

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7. There’s always something to do on campus (or on Main Street).

I live in Easton and when I say this town is dead, IT’S DEAD. There’s nothing to do here. Probably explains why everyone is pregnant….haha jk or am I? Anyway, it’s hard to go from having places to go and things to do every day to not having anything to do at all and being bored out of your mind.

8. You even miss classes.

Maybe I’m just a nerd but damn, I actually miss the routine of getting up and going to class and learning new things. My brain has turned to mush since I’ve been home.

9. Late night pizza deliveries.

I really miss late night pizza with my boyfriend. Just typing it is making my mouth salivate. I mean, who doesn’t love some midnight pizza and garlic knots?

10. Exploring and going on adventures with your friends.

You miss going out on the town, finding new things you didn’t even know existed, and having just all around a good time with your friends. But have no fear, you’re almost back.

What are some reasons you can’t wait to get back to ESU? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Megan is a Criminal Justice major with a minor in English, studying at East Stroudsburg University. She's obsessed with beach vacations and Swedish Fish.

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