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10 Reasons Why Everyone NEEDS to Attend a Music Festival

10 Reasons Why Everyone NEEDS to Attend a Music Festival

Regardless if you’re looking to head to a festival this summer or start planning for next year’s festivities, it should go without saying that attending a music festival is an unforgettable experience. From wearing incredibly intricate and detailed outfits to rocking out with your closest friends, here’s 10 reasons why one main goal of yours should be to attend a music festival.

1. You get to meet people from all around the world.

This is especially true for worldwide known festivals such as Ultra or Coachella, where people save money months before and travel thousands of miles to experience an unforgettable weekend. From Brazil to Netherlands, there is no doubt that you will interact with someone that has a completely background, religion, and race than you.


2. You get to listen to different styles of music.

Whatever type of festival you choose to go to, each stage has a different variation any genre of music. This allows the opportunity to immerse yourself in different styles of music you have never listened to. You will always leave a festival with a greater appreciation of how complex and precious music can be.

3. You’ve got to do it for the cute Instagram posts.

Festivals are the perfect place to experiment with new poses. The fact that you’re already wearing a crazy outfit just calls for a picture. But festivals also have many cute and artsy backdrops perfect for posing with your friends. From selfies to pictures of the stages and of the crowd, there are a endless possibilities for your feed. All of the room for creativity gives your followers a chance to see the amazing time you had.

4. It’s a whole different experience when you see your favorite artists live.

It is one thing to jam to your favorite songs when you’re listening from your phone, but actually watching an artist’s live performance brings a whole new level of satisfaction. Your favorite songs tend to sound very different live because the artists tend to add little twist or even interact with the audience. Performers almost always engage the crowd, so attending a live performance enables you to appreciate the person or people behind the name.


5. The crowds are insane.

The crowds in the music festival are one of the things that creates the whole vibe. Being around hundreds of people screaming, dancing, and singing along is what will excite you and hype your vibe even more. You can’t help but dance and enjoy when everyone around you is having the time of their lives as well.

6. You’ll get to wear some pretty cool outfits.

The cool things about festivals is that no one judges what you are wearing! Actually, the crazier, the better. From elaborated customs to body paint, ravers go all out when it comes to clothing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a new hairdo and some fishnet tights or booty shorts you thought would never wear. Don’t worry, though; if you can’t attend a music festival this year, there’s lots of Insta inspiration to go around for future themed parties.

7. The stages are amazing.

The stages are built days before the festival for them to be perfectly manufactured because they are an essential part of any performance. Artists carefully choose their graphics for you to visualize their music and ideas, so take a good look at them! Each festival has their own particular stage that defined them, so analyze every detail to see the symbolism, such as the main stage from Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando.


8. The art can be unbelievable.

Not only is the music art, but also the stages and even how the whole venue is settled. You will find countless murals, statues, and paintings scattered all over for you to admire. Just take in the view while you walk around because art is going to be everywhere you look. To attend a music festival is just like going to see a fine piece of art–you never know what you’re going to get, but you know that people are going to admire it in 100 different ways.

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9. It’s an amazing place to head with a group of your closest friends.

Friends usually enjoy the same type of music, so it is very possible that all of you will jam together for hours. So, enjoy every second of it because festivals are one of the most bonding and unforgettable experiences. Years later you will reminisce about that one trendy song of the moment or all the extravagant people you encountered.


10. The Music. Period.

To attend a music festival is different than going to any other concert at a casual venue because you feel like an active participant. Walking around and just the simple fact of being standing up rather than sitting makes you feel more present. Close your eyes and simply listen to the music with the other thousand people around you and enjoy!


Which music festivals have you been to? Let us know in the comments below!