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10 Reasons Why I Chose the University of Tennessee

10 Reasons Why I Chose the University of Tennessee

There are a million reasons why you should choose the University of Tennessee for your college experience! These are the top 10 reasons that will convince you!

Keep reading for 10 reasons why I chose to go to the University of Tennessee!

1. The Football

Football is the biggest sport in any SEC school, but in TENNESSEE… boy, that is all we think about. The Tennessee Volunteers are poised to win the SEC east this year and just the thought of that is getting all students, family members, and even rivals to already have their hearts furiously beating out of their chests. Now, when all you see is white and orange in a checkerboard pattern throughout Neyland Stadium, the players running out, and the marching band making a giant T on the field… that’s when you know you’re home. The real fun then starts when you hear the announcer say before every game “IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!” (Now just so you have an idea, the University of Tennessee has already cancelled class on the September 1st in honor of the first home game. Go Vols!)



2. The Parties

The parties at the University of Tennessee are some of the best. Whether they are at the frat houses or nearby in Fort Sanders, everyone finds their niche and people to hang out with. The Strip/Downtown Knox is quite the popular area to socialize as people go there to eat, drink, and dance. However, the parties that are on campus tend to be safer and have fewer altercations. Parties at UTK are not necessarily closed off to non-Greek individuals, but the Greeks do tend to have the most parties and the ones that go on all night. Make sure your weekend is completely free and get ready for one that you’ll never forget.


3. Southern Gentlemen

Oh come on ladies, when we pick a college we look at many things: academics, rankings, programs, extracurricular activity opportunities… but inside, ALL of us think about the cute boys that we’ll meet at the college we choose! That’s where many women find their future husbands, so who knows, maybe that’s where we’ll find ours too right? So YES, we have to consider the southern gentlemen – and that’s all that there is at the University of Tennessee. Most of the guys who attend are from Tennessee or nearby southern states, and all of them have been born and raised with southern manners!



4. The Academics

The University of Tennessee holds itself highly on its academics. The school offers just about one of the best public education systems that there is to offer in the SEC, as many, if not all professors have Doctorates, Bachelor’s, MD’s, or many other degrees and certifications. All professors there are more than willing to help their students at any time of the day or night, while also being laid back and having teaching styles that works for all. Learning is not only based on oneself and one’s work ethic, but also the professors that are encountered. Professors at the University of Tennessee are teachers and mentors, giving students a chance to learn and apply that material outside of the classroom.


5. The Family

The University of Tennessee has a saying that has been passed along since orientation… “Vols help Vols.” Since the beginning, the school promotes the idea that the entire school, consisting of almost 30,000 students, is one big family. We are all UT, we are all Vols, and we are all proudly representing the university as we wear our bright orange during games, on campus, on breaks, and on vacations.

6. The Affordability

Affordability is something everyone has to consider in order to choose a college. At least for me, it was one of my top priorities. By living in the state of Tennessee, one can receive “in state tuition” – meaning that the price of tuition and fees goes down significantly – helping a lot! The university also gives out many academic scholarships for students who show true promise when committing to Tennessee. Not to mention that if you live outside of the state of Tennessee, in for example, North Carolina, you are eligible for the HOPE Scholarship! That is a very popular scholarship in Tennessee that gives students a good amount of money for their academics as well. It cannot only be used in state, but also surrounding states, making UT much more affordable and appealing for students.

University of Tennessee


7. The Greek Life

Greek life seems like it consists of the majority of people at UT, when in reality, the Greeks are actually a minority. However, Greek Life here opens many doors. Sororities and fraternities have many philanthropic events that they host separate and together in order to raise money for a charity of their choice. Not only does the Greek system serve as a great way to provide volunteer services to those in need, but it also provides a great way to make friends and connections. Many people meet their life-long best friends in college, and more specifically, in their sorority/fraternity. Friends are the family you choose, and the Greek system is a great way to find that family.

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8. The Campus Life

The university of Tennessee holds over 27,000 students on and off campus. With that being said, there is something to do for all 27,000 of those people, including student government, sports, speech and debate, hiking, technology, and an endless list more. Now, if out of their 600+ organizations there is absolutely nothing for you – have no fear. At UT Knoxville you are able to create your own club and pursue your passion!! Not to mention that other than clubs, there are events being held all the time on campus, so there’s never a non-eventful day at UT.


9. Great Outdoors in the Smokies

Our campus is within driving distance to many cities: Atlanta, Charlotte, Lexington, Gatlinburg, Chattanooga, and many others. However, what people are most fascinated by are the Smokey Mountains. That is something that UT students are excited to go to during the weekends to hike, camp, or picnic out. The best part though is hiking all the way to the top and seeing the beautiful view all around, while feeling like you’re at the top of the world. You forget all of your problems, school work, exams, and realize that it’s the moments like these – on a mountain top – that are the ones you’ll never forget.



10. The Traditions

Last but not least and the best for last: the university’s traditions. One of the main ones is the lighting of the Torchbearer. Incoming freshmen are given the honor of setting the flame up during Welcome Week, letting that represent the light that will guide students during their first year. Big Orange Friday is also a big one, along with painting the Rock. “The Rock,” as students call it, is the only place on campus that can be “vandalized.” In other words, students are allowed to spray paint anything they want on that rock. Most of the time it’s announcements, catch phrases for weekly events, or football game cheers.

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