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10 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend is Your Best Friend

10 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend is Your Best Friend

During my sophomore year, I was lucky enough to become best friends with this really awesome guy (he’s also a writer for us!) Instantly, I felt like I had met not just my best friend but also my other half. He’s funny, smart, and sweet… So how could I resist when I realized I had real feelings for him this past year? I acted on my feelings and let him know the truth, and months later, here we are, happily in a relationship. Like many other girls, I’m blessed to have a boyfriend that is not only my man but also my best friend. Keep reading for 10 reasons why your boyfriend is your best friend!

1. He has seen you at your worst and still loves you.

So, we live together, and once I’m done with class, before I’m even fully in the door, I’m already in sweats and a bun (and my bra is long gone). And I’ll tell you what, I look HELLA ratchet. But you know that your boyfriend is your best friend when he’s still in love with you after seeing you look like a mess.


2. He is always there.

No matter what time it is, you can always call him and he’ll answer. He’ll be there to listen to you bitch about your girl drama, your work issues, or how much weight you’ve gained, and he’ll never complain.

3. He makes you laugh and smile.

He’s the only person that knows exactly how to put the brightest smile on your face and make you laugh. He often has you rolling on the floor in tears and smiling from ear to ear.

4. He annoys the shit out of you like no one else can.

Just like he’s the only one that can truly make you laugh and smile, he’s the only one that knows how to truly push your buttons and make you mad.


5. He treats you like one of the guys but also a princess at the same time.

If you don’t get this, then he probably isn’t your best friend. If you get it, then you know you’ve found the perfect boyfriend.

6. There is no privacy when you are with him.

He’s seen you pee, he listens to your phone conversations, and he’s seen you pick a wedgie. Yeah, gross, I know.


7. Your family loves him.

Your parents and siblings see him as just another one of the kids and he’s acclimated pretty well to your crazy clan. There’s no better feeling than seeing him play with your siblings.

8. He is your biggest fan.

When your boyfriend is your best friend, he will always be your number one fan. He’ll support you through anything you do and will always cheer you on from the sidelines.

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9. You always have a partner to pig out with.

We eat like pigs together and there’s no judgement because we still find each other attractive. I could be covered in grease and ketchup and he’d still think I’m hot.


10. You will always put your friendship first in your relationship.

Yes, he’s your boyfriend but above all, he’s your best friend, and that will never change. He will always be your therapist, your friend, and your love all in one. And you’re lucky to have him.

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