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10 Reasons Why Atlanta Is The Best City For Young Adults

10 Reasons Why Atlanta Is The Best City For Young Adults

Graduating college is a big accomplishment in your life and now you are ready to conquer the world. But where do you start? Atlanta is an amazing city to start your 20-somethings from great job opportunities to awesome events happening around the city. These 10 reasons why Atlanta is the best city to live in as a young adult will have you moving here in a heartbeat. 

1. Diversity 

Atlanta is a rapidly growing city that has a lot of people living in its city limits, 486,290 to be exact, but who’s counting! The demographics of this city is beautiful. Having a diverse group of people brings different cultures into the city which allows the events in the city to expand. With different restaurants to be opened and more ways to connect with other people.

They say Atlanta is the city of Black Owned Business’ and that is true! Half of the population is consisted of African Americans who love to have their own, build their own, and support their communities! 


2. Job Opportunities 

Atlanta has a wide range of job opportunities and different career avenues, perfect for newly grads to explore. The best jobs in Atlanta right now are Marketing Managers, Data Admins, Software developers, and sales managers. 

The CNN building and The Turner broadcasting building are located here giving a lot of opportunities to work in journalism, cartoon network, video game production. Almost anyth9ing you can think of. In this right to work state, you can find a job almost anywhere! The city of possibilities! 


3. Music Festivals

Does Music Midtown, Red Bull Music Fest, and One Music Fest ring a bell? Atlanta is home to many music festivals and small concerts! These events give people the freedom to explore their creativity and have fun! These days, Millennials goals are to enjoy life to the fullest and music festivals give them that chance to stand out of the crowd. Especially on social media!

Piedmont Park in ATL is a great park to host the festivals.


4. Social Events

I am sure every city has its perks and amazing qualities, but Atlanta is no compare! There is an event going on every single day and that is what is so amazing about this city! There is always something to do.

 Atlanta is known for having family-oriented events as well as community outreach events. We are in the south! We have that southern hospitality and loving spirit! From Food truck Tuesdays in Smyrna to the Farmers Market at Piedmont Park on Saturdays and the 90s bar crawl, there is seriously something for everyone. 

5. Restaurants & Night Life 

Atlanta is known for having amazing restaurants and bars. When driving down Peachtree road, which is the main drag in Atlanta, you will see burger joints, Thai spots, Mexican cuisines, and most importantly Jamaican/ Carribean spots! OH MY GOSH! 


Coming from Indiana I had no idea how delicious coconut rice was. I have been missing out! Atlanta will teach you there is more to life than the picket white fences you see in your neighborhood. The nightlife in Atlanta is off the walls. You always have a lounge or a club to go to that is new because… I don’t know how many clubs are in Atlanta. There’s too many to count!

Let’s just say the nightlife is amazing!


6. Cultural Events  

Cultural events meaning celebrations for other cultures besides our traditional American holidays. In Atlanta, as I have said before, has many cultures living on every block. This encourages many neighbors of the same culture to gather and enjoy their festivities together.

You can find these events on, the Piedmont park Instagram page, as well as Most of the venues that are hosting parties and celebrations use Eventbrite to sell tickets and most of them you can get in free by putting your name on the list. 

Some popular cultural events include the Frorivia Fest, Jouvert, Day of the Dead Fest, and the Korean Fest. All of these events happen annually.


7. Entertainment Industry 

Outside of New York and Los Angelos, Atlanta is the next big city to have amazing opportunities for TV & Film. There are new production companies going up every year and that encourages job openings to a lot of people both behind the scenes and in front of the camera! 

If you are in high school on summer vacation or just want to see what it is like on the set of a major television show, you can get the chance to work as an extra! They work long hours but it is totally worth it to see your favorite actors in action! 


8. Attractions 

Everyone loves something to do in their city! But does your city consist of the Coca-Cola museum which explains the creation of Coke, and who doesn’t like Coke! Atlanta is known for its amazing attractions that the whole family can enjoy all year round! 

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Atlanta’s aquarium is the largest in the world with its 550,000 sqft of exhibits. Next door to the aquarium you have the Coca-Cola Museum that tells you the history of the famous drink. At the end of the tour, you have a tasting room of all the Coke products in the world. It’s quite refreshing! 


In the wintertime, you can grab your significant other and enjoy each other’s company while ice skating then take a nice stroll through the Botanical Gardens and enjoy the Christmas light show. 

9. Shopping 

We all need something new and this city has it for you! Atlanta is featured on many TV shows and reality shows nowadays and with that, some of the shopping centers are featured. Starting with Lenox Square Mall, the fashion mall has a lot of clothing stores in its vicinity. Including your signature stores Burberry, Fendi, Madewell, and the famous stores Pure Atlanta, Lush, and the new makeup store Morphe! 

Whichever part of the ATL you live in, there is a great selection of shopping on the main strip in your town! The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta in Woodstock is another great mall to check out. It’s an outlet mall that’s outdoors that has all your favorites. Consisting of Eddie Bauer, Francescas, Kate Spade and so much more. 


Plus this is where all the celebrities shop! You’re Welcome!

10. Sports

Atlanta is big in the sports scene. This nation truly bleeds red with the Atlanta United, the Braves and the Falcons all conquering the championships! When visiting Atlanta, you will notice everyone is in a jersey repping their city! 


The Atlanta United went to championship and won two years in a row! The fan club of these teams go hard everytime and if you dis anyone… let’s just say you better move out of the city! Plus they are southerners, they love them some Football!

This city is perfect for young adults for the fact that there is so much culture here and the opportunity to learn more. Atlanta is a rapidly growing city and it’s just going to get bigger. Despite all the lovely traffic we have, it is totally worth it living in Atlanta. Even if it is just for a few years! 


Do you live in Atlanta? If so what town do you reside in? What is your favorite part about Atlanta! Tell us below in the comments! 

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