10 Reasons Why I Chose the University of Miami

The University of Miami is a terrific school; it has an awesome campus, friendly people, and great academics…it’s truly the whole package. Students from all over the country (and the world) choose to attend for different reasons. Keep reading for the 10 reasons that I chose the University of Miami!


1. Weather

Living in South Florida my whole life, I often take 80 degree temperatures for granted, even in the middle of December!  I seriously could not imagine living anywhere that reaches below 60 degrees for more than 2 weeks a year.  It was a no brainer for me that I needed to spend my college years in a sunny town. Nice weather makes anyone feel good and lifts a bad mood in a heart beat.  FYI when it does rain, you can count on it being over by the time you reach the front of the Starbucks line.

2. Size

As a medium sized school, students are more than just a number.  Students have so many opportunities to create personal relationships with professors and classmates.  This ideal class size was a major reason why I chose UM.  The UM website states that, “50% of classes for undergraduates have 16 or fewer students; 75% have 27 or fewer students.”  This increases class collaborations, individualized attention, and involvement.



3. Location

Located in Coral Gables, UM is about thirty minutes away from South Beach and twenty minutes from downtown Miami.  I love that you still get the “college town” vibe with a big city just minutes away.  There are always fun activities to participate in whether that’s walking through an art show in Wynwood, interning at a financial firm in Brickell, or dancing at Ultra.

4. Diversity

When I was touring UM, my tour guide explained that he could never walk around campus without seeing students from all over the world.  Attending a school with a diverse student body will allow me to meet unique people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Additionally, it enhances class discussions by bringing in many different perspectives.

5. Options

I am extremely indecisive when it comes to what I want do to as a career – to the point it changes on a weekly basis.  I have already switched my major and I haven’t even started school yet.  Luckily, the University of Miami has many different schools which covers every subject.  I won’t have to worry about wanting to switch career paths and not being able to.


6. Balance

UM’s motto is definitely “work hard play hard.”  I love that it is an academically rigorous and selective college, while students still know how to have fun.  My college years are the only four years of my life where my only responsibility is to do well in school; I cannot wait to really enjoy my time there!

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7. Scholarship

Although UM has a high-ticket price, it provides many different scholarships which can help offset the steep tuition.  Besides the results from the FAFSA and CSS Profile (all need-based), there are many merit-based scholarships that range from $4,000 to a full ride. Thankfully, there is no extra application to apply for scholarships!  Everyone who applies for admission to the school is automatically considered for scholarships.

8. Alumni Network

Whenever I am wearing my UM gear, someone always stops me and screams “Go ‘Canes” or throws up a “U”.  This feeling of belonging is so special.  It is no secret of the importance of networking in order to land a job.  The UM alumni are so friendly and always want to help in any way they can and I plan to take full advantage of the special family UM has created.  Once a ‘Cane always a ‘Cane!



9. Campus

UM’s campus is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen.  The relaxing atmosphere creates a stress-free environment.  The Wellness Center is incredible and offers many different fitness class students can sign up for.  The size of the campus is perfect because a car is not necessary to get from one end to the next and everything is within walking distance.  All the facilities are very modern, clean, and practical.

10. School Spirit

I knew that even though I did not want to attend a big state school, I did not want to lose out on the “college experience” that going to a state school generally offers.  Game day tailgates start on campus, then the school buses thousands of green-and-orange wearing students to Sun Life Stadium where the football team plays…and the tailgating (and drinking) continues until the game is over (if you make it!).  There are also so many fun traditions like the Boat Burning Ceremony and Sportsfest.

What are some other reasons to choose the University of Miami? Comment below and share this article with friends!
Featured image sources: campus-search.lawdragon.com, en.wikipedia.org
Rachel Milstein

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