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10 Reasons to Visit Venezuela

10 Reasons to Visit Venezuela

Forget all those negative comments about what you hear about most southern Latin countries. When it comes to exploring Venezuela, this country offers the most beautiful forms of culture, scenery, food, and entertainment. Here are 10 reasons why you need to plan your next vacation in Venezuela. 

1. Beaches 

Venezuela is without a doubt a beach lover’s heaven. This country offers up to 1,000 miles of coastline that goes up to the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean where sun worshippers love to gaze at the amazing radiant sunset, smooth white sands, and soothing clear blue crystal waters. 


2. Celebrate Carnival 

When most people think of going to a Carnival, they usually expect rides, candy, and games. In Venezuela, celebrating Carnival is a little different. Venezuela celebrates Carnival as a Christian festive season that occurs before the liturgical season of Lent. The people of Venezuela who participate in Carnival, typically involve parades, public street parties, and other forms of  entertainment, adding other elements of a circus. Wearing captivating costumes and masks allow people to set aside their everyday individuality and experience a heightened sense of social unity and self-expression. Carnival is more about entertainment, rather it offers people to experience real forms of Latin culture.

3. Drinks 

If you thought alcoholic drinks in America taste nice, you are in for a big surprise for how the drinks are made in Venezuela. The unique thing about Venezuela is that the residents are very in touch when it comes to creating new ingredients. The people of Venezuela stick to their traditional methods of making the best drinks you have ever had. For example, if you are looking to try a Dirty Martini, its method involves more than just a bottle of Gin, some ice, and an olive. In Venezuela, you have to chill some of the ingredients for a certain time and temperature to give it that exotic flavor. When it comes to perfecting the best drinks, Venezuela does not tack it as a joke, it is done with a serious attitude.

4. The Expenses are Cheap and Affordable 

Venezuela was without a doubt the cheapest country to ever travel to. Think about it, for just 1 dollar, that right there is enough to buy 12 drinks, 4 dollars can get you a stay at a luxury hotel 6 dollars that is a flight, 8 dollars is an all-day tour through the amazing amazon jungles. With just 50 dollars, Venezuela is that country that can manage a decent and affordable lifestyle for a week. Now if we are talking 100 dollars a week, that will make you live like you are a king.


5. The People of Venezuela are Friendly 

Do not be surprised if some of the residents of Venezuela may look at you as some odd outsider. As true as this may seem, most of the people of Venezuela are pretty kind. One of the most accepting areas for American tourists to visit in Venezuela is the Couch Surfing Community where it offers helpful assistance for anyone new in the country as well as having fun passing the time playing fun games like soccer and board games.

6. Visit Angel Falls 

A trip to Venezuela would not be perfect without visiting Angel Falls where this breathtaking sight serves as an inspiration for the journey. Angel Falls is considered to be the world’s tallest waterfall in Venezuela where it drops over 3,000 feet into a canyon. The best time to visit Angel Falls is from May to November when the rain fills up the Churun. There are also some high winds and crazy weather that you might have to deal with, but when it is the dry season, the wonderful falls can be a sight worth viewing.

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7. Sand Surfing

Just when you thought we couldn’t come up with any more crazy ideas, now we have one by mixing in the ideas of surfing while still being on land. Venezuela has many sandy desert hills that provide fun and thrills for anyone up for the challenge of rolling and boarding down the mounds. Medanos de Coro National Park in the state of Falcon provides many dune formations and has perfect temperatures that range from 80 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. So, enjoy a park visit by grabbing your surfboard whenever the call for adventure arrives.

8. Cloud Viewing 

In the northwestern part of Venezuela, the town of Merida gathers the attention of many visitors with its beauty. In Merida, you can ride cable cars to become immersed in the mountain’s beautiful cloud scenery. Merida has the highest cable cars that travel up the clouds by over 15,000 feet. As fun as this idea is, it is also best for you to grab some extra layers of clothing because the temperature drops the higher you go.

9. Night Life 

If there is one thing that Americans love the most, it is being wild party animals. When it comes to knowing where the party is, Venezuelan nightlife is the site for dancing to disco music, going out to eat, hitting up bars and liquor stores on most of the corners, it is almost impossible to not get lit in Venezuela. From what I heard, the best party spot in Venezuela is Caracas city where the nightlife has been exotic since the 1970s. This area is said to be lively, creative, full of fun, and  full of tranquility. Finding parties everywhere in this area is soo easy in both the east and west part of the city. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next-door neighbors were always throwing parties too.


10. Employment Opportunities 

I will not lie, for nearly a few decades, the employment rate in Venezuela has been struggling for a while. But some factors can guarantee you a solid earning working down in Venezuela such as having a college degree and working remotely from another company’s that are partners with the United States. For example, if you are a U.S foreigner who was recently offered a position to work remotely in the United States, you can easily do your work for your company overseas and have paychecks easily converted into Venezuelan currency. That way you are earning up to 4 times more than the normal pay rate in Venezuela which can make your living situations more comfortable.

The country of Venezuela is more than what the media and United States news portrays it as. This country is a land of architectural beauty, culture, and thrill-seeking excitement. Do you know any other good parts in Venezuela that are worth traveling to? Let me know in the comments below.