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10 Reasons to Love Fall

10 Reasons to Love Fall

Fall, that time of the year when the air gets chillier, the leaves change color, and delicious Thanksgiving food is served. I may be a little biased saying Fall is my favorite season as my birthday is in November and my hair matches those warm, autumn hues. Regardless, here are 10 reasons to love Fall.

1. Boots

Time to break out your boots! They help add that extra oomph to your outfit and boost your confidence. Plus, there are so many different types: ankle, over the knee, rain, combat, lace up, riding, slouchy, etc; they are perfect for every style. Strut your stuff!

2. Halloween

The whole process of coming up with creative costumes, whether you’re going to spend time with your friends, significant other, or by yourself, can take you a whole month to plan. You are never too old to dress up for Halloween. And let’s not forget all that scrumptious Halloween candy!


3. The Clothes

Don’t deny it, you have been waiting all year to wear those knitted sweaters and leather jackets taking up space in your closet. Fall is a great time to layer your clothing and freshen up your look. And did I mention…you can wear boots!

4. Cool Weather

Finally, after it seemed the heat would never go away, fall comes in and saves the day with its crisp cool weather. For those who are tired of dripping sweat all day, the arrival of the cool weather is a great excuse to put makeup back on (without the worry of sweating it off). Not to mention, the colder weather is the perfect reason to update your wardrobe with tons of new sweaters.

5. Hot Chocolate

After a long day in the chilly air, what’s better than warming up with a nice cup of cocoa?


6. Leaves Changing

The whole range of colors that the leaves go through is beautiful. It provides you with Instagram worthy landscapes and perfect backdrops for photoshoots. You also get leaf piles to jump into and crunchy leaves to step on.

7. Camping

Nothing beats sitting out by a campfire, roasting marshmallows and watching the stars. Fall is a great excuse for camping. Pack along warm beverages (like hot chocolate), a sleeping bag, headlamps, foot warmers, gloves and down booties.

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8. Return of TV Shows

Fall is that wonderful time of the year when a lot of TV shows premier their newest season. After re-watching the entire series on Netflix, you are now caught up, and ready to dive into the next one.

9. Thanksgiving Food

The only thing better than a home cooked meal is a home cooked meal on Thanksgiving. Whether it’s the turkey, grandma’s green bean casserole, or simply spending quality time with your family doing something you love (eating), Thanksgiving is the best.



10. Not having to shave

I think this is pretty self-explanatory 😉
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