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10 Reasons to Date in Your Mid 20’s

10 Reasons to Date in Your Mid 20’s

I have had my fair share of dating experiences, and if there is one thing that I have learned from all of them, age does play a key factor in every dating/relationship. We may see a lot of these young couples posting on social media about relationship goals, but most of them always end over something simple. I believe that for any couple to succeed, your mind needs time to mature while you are in your mid-20s. 

1. Whose your best type

Most young adults like to know whether or not if this person who they are getting to know is the right one for them. The best way to figure this out is through most dating apps that peak our attention. You can put in simple but articulate topics to people who do not have a sense of culture like ” what is your favorite quote from an author”.

Its the simple things that make dating exciting


2. Make sure you feel comfortable first

The best thing that you can do when dating in your mid-20s is to make sure that you are doing it at your own pace that fits you. Most dating situations end early because we get ourselves into random relationships just because we fear being single for a long time. But when you take time to yourself to let your mind heal, you feel like you are in a much better place to get back into a healthy and longer-lasting relationship. 

Dating starts with being comfortable with each other

3. Be openminded 

Keeping an open mind means that you don’t just depend on one interaction for the rest of your life. If your first date does not work out, no problem just take it as a learning experience because you have figured out what you want and you should not spend your time with someone who is barely giving as much as you are. Just remember, we are all still young which gives us many opportunities to try out new things. 


Keep all your possibilities out there when it comes to dating

4. View this person thoroughly 

Always remember that safety comes first in a relationship. Because at some point in our young adult lives, we have to value our safety when we’re just with anyone. When first meeting someone new, try texting them beforehand so you can meet this person in a well-lit public area. Just make sure that you feel comfortable, and if you don’t, just kindly excuse yourself and leave. Don’t go out with just anyone just because you feel bored.

Safety is always a priority in dating


5. Approach each date with a new attitude

If you have been dating for a while, it can feel very frustrating when every date seems like a very boring night. The best thing about going on a different date is that it is with a new person. So you are starting on a clean slate where you have the opportunity to have a fun exciting night. Once you change your mindset to try this idea, dating will seem like a thrilling adventure and not just a regular chore between the both of you. 

Dating should feel fun, not like a boring job

6. Choose your time wisely

Always remember that your time is precious, so you should not spend it with anyone who comes across as toxic. Sure no one likes to be alone and sometimes it can be annoying talking to someone with who you might feel uncomfortable in a relationship. Everyone should think long-term and have a particular interest in who you want to spend your time with, even if it isn’t that much of a good time. Social media makes it easier for everyone to connect, while not being able to have a full commitment. Remember even though we may have extreme feelings for one person, it is better to build your time with someone who shares the same energy as you do. 


Spend your time wisely when dating

7. Age makes a difference 

I know a lot of people talk about the phrase ” Age is nothing but a number”, but trust me age makes a whole difference in a relationship. Trust me even though we may be living in a new day in the age of relationships, does not mean you should jump into every relationship just because he or she looks nice even though their age is far apart. It is most often that younger people like to bring older people into their relationship that brings in a spark. The only problem with this is that as soon as young people get a taste of this special spark in a relationship with someone older, one older person isn’t enough. 

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Dating all has to do with the right age

8. Managing your life

Whoever it is your date, you should never struggle to make your life priorities a struggle. It is important to give yourself and your significant other  the right amount of attention. A relationship should not be where one person is putting their daily obligations to the side just to make sure that the other person feels right. 

Balancing your life is the same as dating


9. Remember to stay safe

When we get older, we start to become more aware of the risk of not using condoms during sex and how STDs are a constant battle with young adults. Also, a lot of sexual partners are quite big in your 20’s, so your chances are very high if of meeting someone with an STD. Always remember when you dating in your mid 20’s, it is vital that you be aware of the statistics of STDs and their symptoms. But most importantly, just stay safe. 

Safe sex is great sex when dating

10. Get to the main point

In your mid 20’s you are no longer a kid who likes to play things off with people. The time for playing games is now over, so the best way is to separate the loyal ones from the unloyal ones and asking deep serious questions while being straight-up honest. A lot of people get this confused with being too strong but it’s all about just being a mature adult looking for something real. If you think you can get away with games when it comes to dating, that is a game that will have no winners.  


Life in your mid-20s can be a lot different from when you were a teenager. When you are young and free, you only care about the next party, but as adults in our mid 20’s. This is when we start to think about the long term and commitment.