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10 Reasons Spring Semester is the Best Semester

10 Reasons Spring Semester is the Best Semester

1. After a long and cold winter break, seeing your friends again warms your heart!

You have counted down the days, hours, and minutes – an entire month is a long time! Spring semester means you’re finally reacquainted with your beloved college friends. Don’t worry, they missed you too!

2. March Madness.

That moment when you are actually awake in class and your professor thinks you’re paying attention…until you yell “F$&@ you, Redick,” in the middle of the lecture.


3. Spring semester means that actual spring is just around the corner.

When you go outside and it’s 50 degrees, but feels like 80… shorts and flip flops here we come!


4. New semester = clean slate.

You might spend time looking back on last semester as if it’s an old friend. Maybe you made a few mistakes, but now is your chance to learn from them. You have the power to make the semester go however you want it to, and you get to use your experiences from the previous semester to guide you!

5. Baseball.

America’s favorite past time…and a good excuse to blow off studying.


6. You already know the campus.

Because you already know your way around campus, you also know the shortcuts (AKA ways to save time) which means you might even have some extra time in your schedule. Fill that time with something: a club, hit the gym or watch an extra episode of that new Netflix series.


7. The highly anticipated (and nerve-racking) lottery day.

Every spring semester brings that one day you make yourself get up early to run down to student life so you have a slight chance at getting a suite next year with your besties. Just hope the upperclassmen have all decided to live in apartments…

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8. Graduation; one can only dream…

It’s all around you, even if you’re not actually graduating. Enjoy the hype, it’ll help keep you focused.


9. You can study outside.

Soak up some vitamin D on those first few warm days. Grab a coffee and find a spot to throw down your books and get lost in those assignments. You can unofficially claim that spot for the rest of spring semester. Plus, you can get a jump start on that tan!


10. Spring break…need I say more?

The days of road trips, hitting the beach and no sleep. Just don’t forget those Fake IDs.

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