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10 Reasons Why SJU Is The Absolute Worst

Yet another semester at the worst college is coming up…I’m definitely not looking forward to it! Here are ten reasons why SJU is the absolute worst. If you disagree, you might want to keep reading!

1. The horrendous campus.

St. John’s University is the smallest, emptiest campus you’ll ever go to. I mean seriously with only fourteen academic buildings, nine residence buildings and nine athletic buildings; there’s just never anywhere to go! And don’t get me started on how crowded the common area in the D’Angelo building is, I can hardly sit down with all of their huge comfy couches!




2. Nowhere to eat.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I ran out of options when it came to eating on the campus and around the campus. I mean who only wants to eat at Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Taco Bell, a Japanese restaurant, Burger King, a diner that’s open till 3:00 AM, the law school, Red Mango, the list does not go on and on…





3. No extracurricular activities.

Being an advertising major it’s imperative for me to network, and in doing so I most definitely need to join clubs. Unfortunately, St. John’s University does not have a broad selection of anything really. Let’s be honest, how am I supposed to pick from only the advertising, TV and film, marketing, fashion and poetry club. There’s seriously nothing!


4. Zero fun.

Talk about a DRY campus. No alcohol, no bars and no parties. Can’t you tell we Johnnies don’t know how to bend the rules and have fun on and off campus? Definitely not. I mean who wants to go to a FREE spring and winter carnival?! And don’t get me started on St. John’s tip off concerts that has featured artists such as Mac Miller and French Montana.




5. Awful location.

This one is self-explanatory. New York, really? Who wants to live where dreams come true?

6. Inattentive professors.

Being a Johnnie for a year now; this has to be the worst. Professors here are so inexperienced. I had a marketing professor last semester who didn’t know what she was talking about! When she told us her background in marketing, it was disappointing. Working in an airline for marketing, having her own office in Manhattan, like really? Do better!



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7. Too many events.

So many events, not enough time. I’m talking about career fairs, movies on the Great Lawn, SJU Fest, Law School Insider, Medical Insider, Multicultural Mixer, and so much more.


8. No diversity.

How am I supposed to meet new people and grow as a person without diversity? Of course St. Johns only accepts people that look exactly alike. Can’t you tell?


9. Too much school spirit.

Johnnies really know how to irk you with all their positivity and school spirit. We get it, you’re proud of being a student at St. Johns.


10. Did I mention an extremely untalented R&B artist went here?


See, what did I tell you? Don’t all of these things just make St. John’s the “worst”?


What else makes SJU the “worst”? Comment below and share the article!
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Angela Gattuso

Angela is a student at St. John’s University majoring in Advertising Communications. Her career aspirations include becoming a Creative Director as well as one day managing her own non-profit organization. In her spare time she writes poetry, goes to the gym and loves to spend time with quality friends.

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