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10 Reasons To Be Single In College

10 Reasons To Be Single In College

Staying single in college really is a great way to learn who you are and what you want. Being able to grow and thrive by yourself will help when you finally go out in the world to find your soulmate.

1. You get to have the time of your life and get everything out of your system.

When you’re in college the “hook up culture” is totally acceptable. You can have all the one night stands you want, some of those you may regret. But at least you get it all out of your system ready for when you are ready for your relationship with the right person.

2. Dating can be a major distraction.

The downside to dating in college is the distractions; no matter how hard you try this will always become a problem. This could be an argument that you just can’t seem to shake off, or even a cute text you can’t stop thinking about. You have a 2,500 word essay to write and you just don’t know where to start. No matter what the circumstance- dating out of college is better because there is no distractions.


3. You avoid receiving mixed signals and getting “Friend-Zoned”.

When you’re in college there are so many people, of course you’re going to talk to a few and even flirt a little. But you may start to think your crush likes you back and maybe let your ego get a bit too big to find out you’re only in the friend zone. Total mixed signals is thinking they like you when they tell you all about their problems and you find yourself comforting them about their ex. Nothing worse than getting friend zoned in college when you start to think you’re in love. Leave the dating for after graduation to know the feelings are mutual.

4. You won’t get your heart broken.

Being in a relationship in college is one thing, but going through a break up is something else. You have been in the relationship for maybe over one year and you think they are the one. The last thing you want to be dealing with is a break up. It is best to not have to deal with deadlines as well as depression. Leave the heartbreaks for after you have graduated.

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5. You are able to discover who you are.

Staying single in college allows you time to find out what you want, not only in a relationship, but in yourself. You have time to focus on you and be a bit selfish at times. You don’t want to have to answer to someone else when you could be going to see new places and connecting to your true self- which is great for preparing you for future relationships.


6. You can say yes to anything.

When you’re in college being spontaneous is super fun and can benefit you so much. It’s hard to travel with someone you love in college or you may feel guilty going without them. Once you have graduated college you have your whole life to travel with your other half, so enjoy it while you can.

7. You are allowing yourself to grow.

You are growing in so many ways every day in college. College prepares you for a lot in life, it matures you and allows you to be a better person. When you have a lot going on and have to overcome obstacles, growing helps you become a stronger person and shapes you for the better. Sometimes it is hard to fully let yourself grow when you are also helping your partner grow.

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8. You’ll learn from your friend’s mistakes.

Once you have sat with your best friend in the bathroom for hours listening to them cry about their break up, you will start to think. You like being there for them but it really makes you grateful that you don’t have all the emotional baggage they are carrying around everyday. When the day comes for you to start a relationship you will know the right way to go about it…

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9. You will be more confident in yourself knowing this was your choice.

Everyone wants to walk around knowing that they are single by choice and not desperate for a relationship. You look and feel better as a person when you decide to do something like this for yourself. People will probably even idolize you for focusing on yourself, and for just knowing what you want as an individual.

10. You don’t have to worry about not knowing what is going on when you’re not together.

Maybe you and your partner are studying in different colleges and it can be hard for you to be together. You both don’t have the time and money to travel but miss each other very much. Having all this is stressful enough so to top it all off you don’t want your mind to go crazy because you can’t get in touch with them or see them. Then there is the chance that you will see them on the internet in a picture with someone else and this can really get you down. This is the last problem you need while you already have a lot going on. Waiting until you are done with school to become in a committed relationship is usually better than going through the pain of not waiting.

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