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10 Reasons Schmidt from ‘New Girl’ Is The Perfect Formal Date

10 Reasons Schmidt from ‘New Girl’ Is The Perfect Formal Date

Formal season is in full swing on college campuses across the nation, which means girls everywhere are on the hunt for the perfect formal date. Lucky for them, we’ve found him. It’s Schmidt from ‘New Girl,’ and here are 10 reasons why.


1. He’s ready to party.

We all know that feeling when Friday afternoon arrives, classes are out and it’s time to let loose. Yeah, Schmidt does too. He will be just as pumped about the weekend as you are, and ready to have a great time with you at formal.

2. He’s perfect for the ‘gram.

Did you really go to a function if you didn’t post a picture of it on at least one form of social media? Looking good in your formal pictures is of the top priority and no one will look better than Schmidt. Look at that smile. With him by your side, you’re guaranteed to break your personal “likes” record.


3. Just imagine him in a tux.

Okay so he has the smile down pat, the only thing he needs to get now is a tux. Just look how good Schmidt looks in whatever this thing is…now imagine how great that man will look in a tuxedo. Trade out that kimono for a cummerbund, and you’ll have the hottest date in the room.

4. He’s got moves.

The main activity at any function is the dancing, and having a guy that can dance well is more than desirable when it comes to the perfect formal date. Whether you’re looking for an expert dancer that can make up for your two left feet, or just a partner to goof off with on the dance floor, Schmidt has you covered.

5. He’s multi-talented.

So we know he can dance and we know he looks good, but what else can Schmidt be hiding under those cardigans? How about his secret ice skating talent?


And his days exploring the art of parkour?

With so much talent concentrated into one man, you’ll never run out of things to talk about or things to show off to all of your sisters. He can even (sorta) do whatever this is:

6. He’ll look at you like this…

Every girl wants to be looked at like this when they walk out all dressed up for formal, don’t lie. Schmidt will totally appreciate all the effort you put into looking flawless for the night…clearly making him the perfect formal date.


7. He’s a smooth talker.

We all know Schmidt has a one-of-a-kind way with words. If you’ve had a little too much to drink (or weren’t supposed to be drinking in the first place), you’ll want someone with his smooth talking skills to help get you out of trouble. Is there cop — or standards chair — that can resist his charm? Probably not.

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8. Did I mention the dancing?

I mean c’mon.


Okay, one more.

9. One word: cuddles.

I know not everyone is in favor of having your formal date spend the night after the event, but let’s be real, it happens a lot. Even if you’re not feeling anything more than a solid cuddle sesh, Schmidt will be there for you, willing and able.

10. Finally (and possibly most importantly), he 100% understands your sass.

Every girl can get a little sassy, especially on an occasion as important as formal. The perfect formal date will understand your sass and appreciate you for it, not roll their eyes or think you’re psycho. Schmidt just gets you – he really gets you.


So if these 10 reasons weren’t enough to convince you that Schmidt truly is the perfect formal date, go ahead and take some sloppy frat guy. Let us know how it goes.

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