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10 Reasons to Love Fall at Northeastern University

10 Reasons to Love Fall at Northeastern University

From sweater weather, to pumpkin spice all the time, here’s a list that will get you looking forward to fall at Northeastern University!

Fall at Northeastern is a great time, it’s not too hot, not too cold. You get to break out all of your favorite sweaters and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while going for a walk around our beautiful campus. Here’s a list that will get you looking forward to the upcoming fall semester at Northeastern University!

1. Sweater Weather!

It’s not too hot like it was in June and July and the snow isn’t here ( yet…) either. The weather is absolutely perfect. You can bring out your collection of super cute boots! Or your sweaters! There is nothing better than a cozy sweater on a cold day. Also the fall is beautiful. The color of the crunchy brown and red leaves makes campus look like it’s not even in Boston anymore.

2. Rebecca’s Cafe

I’m sure over the past few months everyone forgot about Rebecca’s. But the to die for sandwiches will be waiting for you and so will you in the endless lines.





3. Ice Hockey Games

Attending the Northeastern hockey games are always a fun time especially when the crowd is super hyped. So get ready with your Northeastern gear!


4. Old Friends

You’re going to be able to see your friends that you haven’t seen a few months or people that you haven’t seen in forever because of the co-op schedules. You might even be reunited with your best friend!

5. New Faces, Attractive Faces

Even though you already have your group of friends, a new semester means new people. You might find someone who shares your interests and hobbies and before you know it you guys are best friends. And you two will be discovering new and secret places in Boston together. Maybe that person might end up being your bae. So go be a social butterfly!

6. New Beginnings!

It’s going to be a new year, a new semester with new people. It’s going to be nice starting over with a clean slate. Maybe last semester didn’t go as well as planned, so this is another chance for you to decide who are you and who you want to become and what you want to do. Change is good!


7. Partaaaayyyy Season

All I see are red solo cups everywhere….enough said.

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8. Clubs & Greek Life

Last semester you might have opted out of a lot of socialization because you have been overwhelmed with school or you had a job and it was hard to balance work and school and extracurricular activities. But now you can jump right back into it or join another/more clubs. OR maybe you didn’t get into the sorority you wanted to be a part of. If you’re planning on rushing, this is your chance…GO FOR IT!


9. Pumpkin Spice Everything!

Okay so this is super basic…. but you know that you love pumpkin spice everything. Don’t even try to deny it! And it’s going to be back in the fall at all the coffee shops on campus.

10. New Classes

You have a whole new range of classes and courses that you’ll be taking this coming fall. So there is no need to worry about catching up or your GPA or any of that. This is going to be your semester and you’re going to do great! You just gotta keep that type of motivation throughout the semester.


Clearly, there is so much anticipation when looking towards the new semester to begin. But don’t worry it’ll come here quickly but because you’ll be having so much fun, it’ll go by faster than you can finish this article.

What are your favorite things about the fall time at Northeastern? Comment below and share the article!
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