10 Reasons To Love Fall At TAMU

There are so many fall activities here at Texas A&M University that help to stay busy as it starts to cool down. Keep reading for 10 reasons to love fall at TAMU!

1. Fall time at Texas A&M University is a sight to behold.

We have trees lining our sidewalks and all over campus. It is breathtaking to see the colors of the leaves changing as the days pass.

2. Cooler weather is also a nice bonus.

The “dog days” of summer have passed and old man winter isn’t awake just yet. So we are left with weather that is just the right temperature. Which makes walking to and from classes much nicer! (Especially if you have a long walk ahead of you like I do!)

3. Fall Fest!

This a special event that A&M puts on every fall. (In the spring time it is called Spring Fling.) This is an event that is open to the whole campus. There are games, entertainment, prizes, and free food; usually donated from a local fast food chain! This event takes place in front of the main building on the University Center lawn!

4. Bake Sales!

Speaking of food, the fall semester is the time that all the clubs begin to raise money for trips, on special events. The most common method of raising money is a bake sale. You can help out a good cause and also get some sweet treats for super cheap! Treats include cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and juice!

5. The food!

Staying on the same track of food, another reason to love fall at TAMU is the food changes. Instead of serving more summer related items, such as sandwiches, ice cream, and lemonade, the campus cafeteria in Eagle Hall starts to offer soup of the day ranging from chicken noodle to broccoli cheddar and tomato, hot coffee and cocoa, and other hot meals such as spaghetti, meatloaf, and chicken pot pie.

6. Warm drinks.

Something that is great about fall in general is the need for warm drinks. Be it hot cocoa, pumpkin spice latte, or coffee. A warm drink on a crisp fall day makes the day just a little bit better. The campus serves the best fresh cocoa, it is made fresh daily and never gets cold!

7. Hoodies and sweaters.

I don’t know about you guys but l love fall for the simple reason of hoodies and big cozy sweaters. You can show some school spirit with a campus hoodie, and you can stay warm while you do it!

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8. Thanksgiving Break.

One of the best things about fall on the TAMU campus is Thanksgiving break! You get a full week off of school so you can use that time to catch up or get ahead on school work, hang out with your family, and eat tons of delicious Thanksgiving food!

9. Halloween!

Halloween is super fun around TAMU. The teachers dress up and so do some of the students. It’s so fun to see what different costumes they come up with!

10. The best part of fall time at TAMU is it is the start of a new semester.

It’s a chance to start fresh. Fall is all about change after all. This new semester gives you the opportunity to grow, and to change some things you might have done wrong in the previous semester! So if you want to try out anything from a new haircut, to a new method of studying this semester would be the perfect opportunity!

So those are my 10 reasons to love fall at Texas A&M University! I hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys next post!
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Lindsi Chadwick

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