10 Reasons to Love Fall at App State

You may be sad that summer is almost over, but don’t worry! There are so many great things to do at App State during the fall. From enjoying sporting events to the beautiful scenery, you’re sure to have a good time. Keep reading for 10 reasons to love fall at App State!

1. Football Season.

Football season at Appalachian is something to look forward to, especially since our team is playing the Miami Hurricanes this September. There is nothing better than a packed stadium, cool weather, and a winning football team.

2. Hiking.

In Boone, there are NUMEROUS hiking trails, all with varying levels of difficulty. The best time to go hiking is during the fall, the weather is perfect and the changing leaves provide a stunning view.

3. The weather in general.

Enjoy the fall weather while you can and wear shorts as much as you can. Winter can be brutal, so enjoy fall at App State while it lasts!

4. Beautiful leaves!

The leaves during the fall are incredible and draw in copious amounts of tourists to the city. Although traffic can be hectic from the “leave lookers”, take the time to enjoy the vibrant colors of fall along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

5. Sweater weather.

Personally, sweater weather is one of my personal favorite reasons to love fall. Nothing is better than being able to throw on a bulky sweater and head out the door.

6. Flannel weather!

Sweater weather and flannel weather go hand in hand. Hit up your nearest Goodwill and stock up- flannels are largely in style during the fall.

7. That comfortable stage of settling into your classes.

When fall rolls around, you are finally in that comfortable stage of your classes. You know what your professors are expecting and you have college somewhat handled- emphasis on the somewhat.

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8. Hot coffee & walking to class.

Hot coffee is good all the time, but coupled with a beautiful stroll to class, what could be better?

9. The Sanford Mall.

During the winter, you will seriously regret not spending more time out on Sanford Mall in the fall. It’s a great place to people watch and escape that stuffy dorm room.

10. Fall Break!

For those of you completely exhausted, the fall break is a nice little comfort. I would recommend spending the time relaxing, recuperating and mentally preparing yourself for the upcoming winter weather.

What else do you love about the fall at App State? Comment below and share the article!
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Ashlyn Joines

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