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10 Reasons You Should Be Listening to Troye Sivan

I have been given the amazing opportunity to educate you guys on a little gem known as Troye Sivan. If you already know him, good for you; text me so we can fangirl together. If you don’t you’re about to. The fact that I love him should be enough for you to give him a try (in my opinion). If it’s not, I suppose I’ll have to try and convince you.

1. If you like Halsey, Melanie Martinez, the 1975 or Years & Years, he’s the guy for you.

I would definitely group him with them. Not that they all have the same sound, because they don’t, but because their lyrical content is all very similar and leaves you feeling the same way. In my mind, this is the next generation of music. These are people that have just started to take off and they are GREAT! If you like any of them, he is definitely worth your time.

2. He is an amazing actor.

He is multi-talented. He was an actor before he started doing music. He’s done quite a bit of stage work and he appeared as a young James Howlett (Wolverine) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2008. He most notably starred as the eponymous protagonist in the Spud movies based off of the books by John Van De Ruit in 2010, 2013 and 2014, with Caspar Lee appearing in the last one too. I’m not really sure how big it was here, but the books were big back home in Zimbabwe, and the movies were even bigger.

3. He is a YouTuber.

He used to post videos of himself singing on YouTube before he really got famous. I think his acting career really launched his channel and it’s a channel where he does a lot. He’s really good friends with fellow YouTubers Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg. He also used his YouTube channel as a way to come out to his fans and I think his following on YouTube played a big role in his musical success so far. His channel is the third most subscribed YouTube channel in Australia.

4. He is ADORABLE.

I always say that I would marry Troye Sivan in a heartbeat despite the obstacles our relationship would face such as his sexuality and my aversion to marriage. He is literally just the cutest thing.

5. He advocates for self-acceptance.

Troye is all about self-acceptance and just doing what he wants, despite what other people think of him, and he inspires others to do the same. He’s talked to Harper’s Bazaar and Billboard about painting his nails and even helped a fan come out at one of his concerts.

6. His music videos will change your life.

The music videos for his first three singles from his album Blue Neighbourhood are a series and they will absolutely wreck your soul in the best way possible. I don’t want to ruin it by giving anything away, but it’s done in such an amazing way and he doesn’t shy away from his sexuality at all which is so GREAT! Even if you don’t give him a try, watch the videos (as if not trying his music was a choice here). “Youth,” which is his latest video, will leave you wondering why you don’t throw parties like that all the time.

7. He wrote a song for The Fault In Our Stars and it’s magical.

In the beginning stages for his musical career he released an EP TRXYE and on it is a great song called “Happy Little Pill” which is a must-hear but there’s also a song titled The Fault In Our Stars inspired by the movie. This also seems like the perfect opportunity to include the fact that he collaborated with Zedd on a song titled Papercut from his True Colors album and it, just like everything Troye does, is just magic.

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8. His album is the soundtrack to your life and you don’t even know it yet.

Yeah…this point is pretty aptly named. There is a song for every moment you might have right now. “Wild” and “for him” are definitely songs about your crush/boyfriend/love interest in the honeymoon phase or just when it’s going well. “Talk Me Down” and “The Quiet” are for when you’re having a fight or experiencing unrequited love. “Fools” is just right for when you’ve fallen for a guy or girl you know is only going to break your heart but can’t help it. Or if you’re not ready for love yet and you want a fun song about it with just a hint of sadness, “Lost Boy” is for you. Lastly, “Youth”, is the ultimate song about just being young and having fun.

9. He’s already been on the cover of Rolling Stone.

This is a music bible. Need I say more?

10. He’s talented.

He not only sings but also writes his own songs. He co-wrote every single song on his album.“I am tired of this place I hope people change, I need time to replace what I gave away. Still, my hopes they are high I must keep them small.” Tell me you’ve never had a moment in your life where you can relate and I will leave you alone! Not really. But my point is his music is so relatable because he writes about heartbreak and this age we’re in and acceptance. His voice is amazing, it’s sultry and sexy, but also vulnerable and heartbreaking when it needs to be.
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