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10 Reasons Your High School Friends Are Your Best Friends For Life

10 Reasons Your High School Friends Are Your Best Friends For Life

We all go through those phases in our life where we question the true loyalty of our friends and whether or not we genuinely have “good” friends to turn to. For most of us, the friends we go to when life gets rough tends to be those from our high school years. There may only be three or so of them left, but those three are loyal, genuine and irreplaceable; the holy grail of friends. Here are 10 irrefutable reasons why your high school friends are and always will be your best friends for life.

1. High school friends have earned the promotion to brother/sister.

There isn’t a specific time you can point to to when your relationship became this close, but it happened naturally and without question.


2. When you go over their house, it’s not just to see them…

You’re also there to see their entire family..well most of them at least! You’re expected to stay for dinner and you flow freely and comfortably throughout the house (and most importantly the fridge)!


3. High school friends went through the awkward age with you.

Acne, puberty, the first boyfriend/girlfriend; you name it. There are memories shared between you two that cannot be spoken aloud..ever. One look at the other and you telepathically understand this unspoken rule.

4. You can’t help but share your high school memories with others…over and over again.

Those “remember when,” and “have we told you about” stories – usually told with a fits of uncontrollable laughter and corrections as the story is exaggerated by the storyteller. But you share one specific memory that defines your friendship together and it’s told a million times over, never getting old.


5. No matter how long you spend apart, when you get together, it feels like you never left.

You can call these friends to come hang out with you even though it has been months since you’ve spoken or hung out. They’re there that night, no questions asked. Your friendship picks up with little effort and you spend the night discussing old memories, life for you now and ultimately fall right back into routine together.


6. High school friends know the real you.

They knew you when you were sneaking around your parents’ rules, when you slacked around in school, when you were in the slumps, and were there through your awful first breakup. They knew you before you knew who you were and they’re watching you grow still.

7. You undoubtedly share a mutual passion.

More than likely you came across these fine gems of humans through a mutual passion of yours. Whether it be a theater family for the artsy fartsy folk or an unbreakable team bond for the athletic ones – you guys connected on a shared love.

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8. There is no better friend than one who shared the same struggle.

Probably the most helpful attribute they hold is the ability to understand the struggle you went through because they were there with you through those 4 years of high school. They had those same teachers, classes and work loads. They knew how it was for you to try to claim who you are in the world within the confinements of high school and your parents.


9. Your high school friends keep you in check.

As I’ve mentioned, these are the people who know you best, meaning they know your bad habits, choices and reasonings. They may be cut and dry with you and you may find their “advice” quite rude at times, but they have your best interest at heart.


10. They are there for you through thick and thin.

All in all, high school friends remain true to you through your life experiences and help keep you in line when you’re not making the wisest of choices. There may be times when it feels like the world is against you and pulling them in one direction of life and you the other, but you will always be able to keep that honest line of communication three months, a year, or ten years later.

High School BFFs by Samantha Kenyon, August 2015
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