10 Reasons To Go To St. John’s University

10 Reasons To Go To St. John’s University

Not only is St. John’s University located in the greatest city in the world, but it also is full of wonderful opportunities for every student. Here are just ten of the many reasons why you should go to St. John’s!




1. Academic Opportunities.

St. John’s University has an outstanding record for fostering great students academically. The University has many academic opportunities, including accelerated and duel major programs. These programs often connect students to great job opportunities after college. Class sizes are perfect and the professors are involved, qualified and engaged.


2. Networking Opportunities.

SJU has an extensive alumni network from all over the world. They are committed to providing students with job opportunities during college and after graduation. With events like career fairs all year round, as well as departments like Career Services, students have plenty of opportunity to perfect their work ethic as well as find jobs in their field.




3. Location.

SJU gives students the opportunities to appreciate the (mostly) quiet residential atmosphere of Queens, while also allowing them the opportunity to take advantage of Manhattan. Students are able to take advantage of both the nightlife and tremendous job opportunities that can only be found in New York City.



4. Diversity.

The very diverse campus at SJU can make everyone feel comfortable. Students come from all over the world to experience the campus community of SJU. Everyone can find his or her niche on campus, whether those students commute or live on campus.



5. Community Service.

SJU is very committed to their Metropolitan, Vincentian and Catholic mission of service. SJU always encourages students to do service, in and outside of the classroom. Opportunities like midnight runs and plunges are given for students to help those in need.


6. Study Abroad.

Study abroad can make a college student’s experience 10x better. SJU very much encourages students to study abroad, believing that it creates a more well rounded student. SJU even has campuses in Rome and Paris, that can provide scholarships for those who are interested in studying abroad.



7. Athletics.

SJU is New York’s team, and takes it very seriously. Basketball is huge and exciting, especially when the games are held at Madison Square Garden. The University has 17 sports teams, and all students are provided with tickets for little or no money at all. Athletics are a big deal at SJU, and all sports games are ones to remember.

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8. Greek Life.

Though not as big as other schools, SJU does have a notable amount of students in Greek life. The community is described as a close knit family. Those who are a part of Greek life are very happy with the decision that they made to join.



9. Campus Resources.

The campus resources at SJU are extensive, and really help students succeed in graduating and becoming stronger academically. The Writing Center, tutoring programs, and the Language Center are great resources for students who need a little more help or who just want to challenge themselves to be better.



10. Events and Traditions.

Getting to know people is an important characteristic of college. SJU provides many chances for students to do this. Events like Tip Off and the Spring Carnival are ways for students to have fun while getting to know other students.


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