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10 Reasons To Go To Colorado State University

10 Reasons To Go To Colorado State University

Colorado is a beautiful state to live in and to go to college in! Here are some reasons why you should definitely go to Colorado State University!

1. It is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream land.

There’s hiking, camping, fishing, mountain biking, you name it. If you like the outdoors, Colorado State is the best school for you.

2. Fort Collins is the most incredible city.

Other than being an outdoor enthusiast paradise (point #1), FoCo (Fort Collins) has so much to offer. There’s Old Town, which Disney’s Main Street U.S.A is modeled after. There are a ton a great microbreweries and distilleries, as well as Budweiser…that’s right, come to Colorado State – we got beer! The food here isn’t all that bad; Beau Jo’s, Big City Burrito. I think I made my point.

3. We love our sports teams.

You can expect CSU students to cheer on their Rams no matter what. We haven’t always been the greatest at sports, but we’re turning that around. Football has gone to 3 consecutive bowl games. Men’s basketball went to March Madness a few years back. Our club sports aren’t bad either – Men’s lacrosse is one of the best in the country. Ram pride can be expected at all sporting events, even swimming.

4. We have over 150 programs of study.

If there is something in particular you want to study, Colorado State mostly likely has it. Whether you want to study Political Science or Health Sciences, CSU offers a huge range of programs…you are bound to find your fit somewhere. Oh did I mention CSU has a Fermentation Science major? Yeah, we learn how to make beer here.

5. We have awesome clubs.

CSU has so many clubs ranging from Pre-med club, to running club, to various diversity clubs. Whatever you are interested in, we probably have a club for that. So if you want to build up your resume and have fun doing so, join a Colorado State club.

6. The people here are the nicest people ever.

The people at Colorado State are genuinely the nicest people ever. The students aren’t douchey trust-fund kids, they are people who are respectful and kind. They are the people who will go out of there way just to help you with directions, random campus surveys, and in my case – help a total stranger fix their bike. CSU people are people you can count on.

7. We are a ‘Green’ school.

We have recycling everywhere. And we promote biking to school. We only work with free-trade companies on campus. And we use solar power. We have a ton of green campaigns that promote sustainability and energy conservation behaviors. It’s also one of our school colors.

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8. It’s an animal lover’s paradise.

In the warm months, there are squirrels roaming around everywhere. When it starts to get cold, we have geese (because Colorado is apparently south enough). There are also a ton of dogs on campus; Destress with Dog Days, the therapy dog training program, and just people who want to bring their dogs to school. CSU is also one of the top vet schools in the country, so if we didn’t like animals here we would be disgracing the vet school legacy.

9. We have Cam the Ram.

Speaking of animals, Cam the Ram is hands down the cutest mascot, well Cam 25 is. Sorry Cam 24 (and all previous Cams) you were cute too, but Cam 25 is downright adorable, as well as a little beast. Don’t let his tiny size fool you, he’s got a horn that will run you and our opponents down. Oh and he is actually a boy (unlike CU’s mascot).

10. We aren’t CU.

This one speaks for itself. Colorado State rams are smart enough to know CSU is far better than CU. We are smart enough to use real words, like college students do. Sorry CU, “sko” is not a word.


Why do you love Colorado State? Let us know in the comments!
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