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10 Reasons To Go To College In Arizona

10 Reasons To Go To College In Arizona

There are numerous reasons to go to college in Arizona. If you're thinking about it or already know what it's like, you'll definitely appreciate these 10!

There are numerous reasons to go to college in Arizona. If you are thinking about it for the future or already know what it’s like, you will definitely appreciate these 10 reasons!

1. The Outdoors

Like the outdoors? Not only do we have the Grand Canyon, but we have the waterfalls that go with it! There are so many beautiful places to go hiking. We have Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Superstition Mountains, Antelope Canyon, and Havasupai Falls. These places create a beautiful place to live.

2. The Sunsets

Every night God paints the sky bright and vibrant colors that us Lopes scramble to the top of the parking garage to watch. It only gets better by the second. Especially if you are watching from the desert.


3. The Weather

Yes, Arizona is super hot like 90% of the time. However, once November rolls around it becomes sunny and 75 which is kind of amazing. You can tan year round due to the fact that in the sun it is never short of 70 degrees. You can tan in the winter! Not to mention we get these really cool (and sometimes annoying,) dust storms called haboobs.

4. Central Avenue

The place for college students. The never-ending coffee shops and the many hole-in-the- wall restaurants make for one great adventure. The vibes that they give off can give anyone a turn around to their day.

5. The Street Murals

If you take a walk in Phoenix you will notice something magnificent and a little random. The art that covers the abandoned buildings and the random walls downtown reflects the people that come through Arizona and the stories they carry with them.


6. First Friday

Every first Friday of the month they shut down Roosevelt Street for the coolest outdoor street festival known to the college students of Arizona. Art, live music, and good food fill the streets. It is something everyone must experience at least once.

7. The History

I don’t know about everyone else, but I think it is super cool to see the living history throughout the country. Here in Arizona we have Native American history and traditions. There is also Pioneer towns and ghost towns that fill the land.

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8. Road Trips

The super cool thing about Arizona is that it is central to five really fun things that make super exciting road trips. A short three hour drive to Mexico. A four hour drive to Vegas. A two hour drive to the snow. Six hours to Disneyland. And again, a five hour drive to the beach if you want to go to San Diego. So pack your bags, get a cooler, and head out on a fun weekend adventure.

9. The Sports

Due to the weather, Arizona is the prime spot for large sporting events. The PGA open is here. Motocross and monster trucks are here. The best sport known to man, baseball, is here… (spring training is one of my favorite things ever). Laying out in the sun and watching baseball is the best feeling in the world. Aside from professional sports, you can always play sports on your own, again, due to the beautiful weather.

10. The Money

Arizona is relatively cheap. School is cheap. Going to a private Christian University, I pay less than a state school in California. The cost of living is fairly cheap as well. A huge relief with money is that there is $1.65 gas as of right now. So that’s pretty cool.


So as you begin that search for the perfect college, keep Arizona in mind. Yes, it can be hot every once and awhile. However, the rest of the reasons to move here surpass the hot weather. It is full of life and art. History fills it as well as beautiful people. Plus, you can tan year round. What’s not to love?!

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