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10 Reasons You’re Excited To Be Back On The Rutgers Campus

You are almost halfway through the summer and despite the break from classes and those backyard barbecues, you can’t wait to be back on the Rutgers campus. It feels like you’re just looking forward to a bunch of classwork and your small dorm room. There’s just something different about sleeping in that room than your bedroom at home. Here are ten main reasons why you want to get back to the Rutgers campus!

1. The freedom.

When you get back on Rutgers campus, the only person telling you what to do IS YOU. You can wake up late and wear your favorite tee-shirt two days in a row. Mom can’t tell you to do the dishes here. You’re on your own clock.

2. Your friends!

Even if you saw a few friends over the summer break, chances are you didn’t get to see everyone. Being back on campus makes planning movie nights and lunch dates so convenient. Your best friend is probably your roommate and every other person is right down the hall!

3. The free stuff.

Let’s face it; a lot of your pens are from tables at the involvement fair. Clubs and groups are handing out free goodies or throwing huge events every week. You probably showed up just because they were giving out a tee-shirt and that’s totally fine. Who doesn’t love free stuff?


4. Your sport or club.

If you are involved on campus, then some of your favorite memories are working towards your passion. Whether it’s building a house, playing board games, or scoring the winning goal, you definitely miss doing what you love surrounded by people that are doing the same.


5. The dining halls.

There is nothing like a home cooked meal, but there can’t be a buffet for dinner every night with endless options. Being back on campus in the fall, you don’t have to watch your beach bod anymore and you can have the extra side of fries!

6. Your cute crush.

You maybe didn’t talk to him/her last semester or you’re just friends right now. Going back to campus and seeing him/her is your best bet at another chance and you honestly can’t wait. If you haven’t found an amazing person to crush on yet, don’t worry. There’s a whole new class of freshmen to choose from.


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7. The school pride.

Undeniably, one of the best feelings about going back to campus in the fall semester is seeing the whole school at the football stadium. Everyone is cheering and wearing school colors. At home you try your hardest not to get excited when you see your school’s bumper sticker because you have so much school spirit. Keep wearing you school gear because the summer is almost over!

8. Your schedule!

If you are working this summer, then you know that working all day takes some getting used to. You built your course schedule perfectly around when you like to wake up and when you like eating dinner. There might even be some lectures that you learn are better for naps. Now that’s something you can’t do at your job this summer, even if you wanted to.

9. The nightlife!

The pool parties and backyard barbecues might tide you over this summer, but you are aching to get back to campus. You live for the weekly rages and long nights. It’s been too long since you could dance the night away with your friends. This is definitely in the top three activities list for when you all are back on campus.

10. Your space!

You may be home in your childhood bedroom and wonder why you painted the walls green five years ago. Getting back on campus means a new beginning. Start looking for cool organizers for your closet and the best way to hang your favorite pictures on the wall. Your dorm room is all your own, mostly, and you can’t wait to personalize it. You might bring a few blankets from home, but falling asleep in your bed at school is a lot different than what you’ve been doing the past few months. Maybe it’s because your campus is your home.


What else do you look forward to when you go back to the Rutgers campus? Comment below and share this article with a friend!

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