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10 Reasons You Should Get a Tattoo

Let’s get one thing clear: tattoos are a huge commitment. They’re expensive, and for the most part, permanent. They can cost you jobs and make you feel like an outsider in a lot of social circles. But tattoos are also beautiful; beautiful and worth every down side you could possibly think of. If you’re on the fence about getting a tattoo, or curious about whether to get a tattoo, here’s ten reasons you should consider getting one.

1. They tell a story.

Tattoos , depending on the person, can have a lot of meaning behind them. My tattoo is a silhouette of three swallows, located on my left shoulder blade. There is nothing about this tattoo that is coincidence. Every aspect has a meaning in some way. Put all those aspects together and it tells a pretty big story for such a simple tattoo. Even if the meaning or value is more explicit in other designs, tattoos are able to speak a novel in just a couple square inches.

2. They’re art.

Tattoo design, for better or worse, is a moving art form. The actual artistry behind tattoos is incredible. It’s a painting that is able to flex and change with your body’s movement. The amount of details and precision it takes to create something like that is highly underrated. Some of these designs take hours to translate onto a person’s body. Have you seen the new trend of watercolor tattoos? My mind is still blown that those are something we have the ability to create. Even if you don’t care for someone’s design, there is no denying the talent that goes into it.

3. They can connect you with someone else.

If you haven’t had the “we should totally get best friend tattoos!” talk with someone, are they even your best friend? Aside from a way to constantly be connected with your best friend, tattoos can also be used to memorialize a dead relative. I have quite a few friends who have tattoos with quotes or sayings from parents who have passed on. They’re a beautiful way to keep loved ones close if they can’t be physically there with you.

4. It’s a conversation starter.

The amount of strangers who have walked up to me and asked me about my tattoo is incredible. I’ve made friends in classes specifically because they came up to me and asked me about it. I don’t know what it is about tattoos, but people, especially those without them, find them endlessly fascinating. It’s such an easy conversation topic and it’s a good way to open up doors with people you may never speak to otherwise.

5. You share a network with other inked people.

Based on the last point, you also have an easy conversation with someone you notice also has tattoos. There’s something about the fact that you have both gone under the needle that makes you feel an instant connection to the other person. I automatically like someone a little bit more if I see that they have a tattoo. It’s almost like you’ve shared an experience with that person even though you’ve never met them before. You two can share a mutual respect without saying a word. You know that cool-kid head nod that’s always shown in movies? It’s just like that, except, this time, you’re already part of the club.

6. They’re encouragers.

I’m a sucker for a good motivational quote tattoo. While I personally have no plans to get one, I think they’re a beautiful way to keep something that means a lot to you in a place you can always see it. People generally don’t get these tattoos for no reason. It shows that a very personal connection is tied to that motivator. If having it tattooed on you body makes you feel better for it, then go for it.

7. They give you confidence.

I love showing off my tattoo. I notice that whenever I have it exposed I always stand a little taller. I can’t explain what it is about showing it off that gives me such a confidence boost, but I love it. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to do a disservice to the tattoo. Whatever it is, my wardrobe has ever-so-slightly shifted to shirts that show it off. Not that I’m complaining.

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8. They’re attractive.

This doesn’t ring true for all people of course, but most people I’ve talked to find some form of tattoo attractive. As I said before, there’s something about tattoos that people find intriguing. Maybe it adds a little mystery. Maybe it shows a sense of commitment or creativity. People always seem to perk up when someone mentions they have a tattoo. For some, it’s a total game changer. A good tattoo can take someone from a 6 to an 8 on the looks scale. I’m sure there’s some scientific reason for why this occurs, but I’m not going to question it as long as it works in my favor.

9. It makes you respect other people’s choices.

Some people are going to judge you (harshly) for having a tattoo.The first time you experience it, it hurts. You don’t understand why someone is so judgmental of a choice you made that has no impact on them. Once you come to terms with that, it become a lot harder to judge others for the aesthetic choices they make. Sure there are certain types of piercings (and even tattoos!) that I really don’t care for, but I’m never going to judge someone for having them. Because when you’re judged for those same reasons, it’s not fun. If you don’t enjoy receiving it, don’t dish it out.

10. It makes you proud.

In the beginning I said how tattoos are able to tell a story. For some of us, that story is a tragic one of something big we had to overcome. We use the tattoo as a marker of the fact that we made it through that story. Every time we look at our tattoo, we remind ourselves of just how strong and capable we actually are. If that’s not a great reason to mark my body, I don’t know what is.
Would you ever get a tattoo? Let us know down below!
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Miranda Burger

Miranda is a student at Chapman University and is a member of CA Omicron chapter of Pi Beta Phi.

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