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10 Reasons Why I Chose CU Boulder

10 Reasons Why I Chose CU Boulder

10 Reasons Why I Chose CU Boulder

It is officially college application season, and nothing is more overwhelming than trying to narrow down exactly where you want to spend the next four years of your life. Every school has something unique to offer, but no school is exactly like University of Colorado. Keep reading for 10 reasons why I chose CU Boulder!

1. We have Ralphie, the coolest mascot.

We have the coolest mascot. Hands down. A live Buffalo named Ralphie who runs around the field at every home football game. She even has her own cheer: “RUN, RALPHIE, RUN,” and yes, everyone cheers her on at every home game. Talk about a tailgate.



2. The mentorship programs that are offered.

Each school in CU Boulder offers their own mentorship program for students to get to know and work with other students, faculty at CU, and even professionals across the country. For example, in Leeds School of Business, the mentorship program can begin as early as freshman year with a “Peer-to-Peer” mentorship program. This allows you to work specifically with an upperclassman student who has been in your shoes and can help guide you through your first year of college.

After that, students have access to Young Alumni Mentors Program, matching second year students with recent graduates, and Professional Mentorship, which partners junior and senior year students with professionals in their desired field as a way to practice and perfect skills that make them marketable to professionals looking to hire. All of these programs are available to help students find internships and jobs, and even just practice their skills.



3. The mountains were calling my name.

This was a huge selling point for me. No matter where you are on campus, you’re always a short walk to the most insane hikes and views you can imagine. In fact, students will use their hour between classes to go for a quick hike before heading back to class. There are endless hikes and bike trails right by campus, and they all lead to views of CU and all of Boulder. It is something you just can’t find anywhere else!



4. The balance of a city/suburban school.

Originally I thought I wanted a city school, and that a suburban school wouldn’t offer enough activity or internship opportunities for a business student like me. When I saw Boulder, all of that changed for me. We have Pearl Street minutes from campus, which is an outdoor mall that has everything from yoga studios, to old book stores, to some of the best restaurants, to Billabong and Ben and Jerry’s.

Plus, there are almost always street performances, so it’s impossible to be bored on Pearl. Aside from that, Denver is only about 20 minutes away, and super accessible with your BuffOne card, which grants you free access to the Hop, Skip, and Jump buses, for those days that you just need your city fix.



5. The change of pace in the lifestyle.

Coming from the East Coast, I was excited for a change of pace when I got to Boulder. Literally. Things definitely move a little bit slower than they do on the East Coast, but it’s usually because people are out enjoying the weather rather than being held up in an office. I think this is my favorite thing about Boulder; people tend to spend more mind on making sure they get a hike in today than about that small stack of papers that could be filed tomorrow. The lifestyle here is so unique to Colorado that I knew I couldn’t find this at any other school.


6. The music scene.

Located right in the heart of Boulder, Fox Theater and Boulder Theater always have some really cool sets going on, and Red Rocks Amphitheater is just a short drive away. In case you haven’t ever heard of Red Rocks, it is a rock structure in Morrison, Colorado turned into an Amphitheater, allowing natural acoustics to create the sound for the concerts.


Every Saturday morning, Red Rocks hosts yoga on the rocks, and plenty of people will camp out after a Friday night concert to enjoy some zen the next morning. This past summer, Boulder hosted concerts on our football field, Folsom Field (which happens to be the second largest concert venue in Colorado), for the first time since the 1970s. Bottom line, CU Boulder seems to know what we’re doing when it comes to our music scene.

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7. The interesting weather.

It could start snowing in October, but you could also get a taste of spring in February. Sure, it can be annoying when you can’t figure out how to pack for school or even just how to dress for the day, but it makes for early ski seasons and plenty of hiking all year long. In fact, it’s possible to get a spring-winter combo in parts of Colorado—Some mountains are open through July 4th weekend, and starting in April you almost always see someone skiing in shorts and a t-shirt.



8. There is a hashtag for life in Boulder (it’s #BeBoulder).

There is actually a hashtag for life in Boulder. Whether you prefer something a little quieter like yoga, or something a more daring like rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, or bouldering, we’ve got ya covered. Being the most active city in the country, Boulder offers a perfect balance to students who just need to make sure they get a quick bike ride in before class. Just make sure you hashtag #BeBoulder for more likes on your Instagram!




9. The awesome employment opportunities because it is Startup Central.

Boulder happens to be a startup “Mecca,” which translates to incredible internship and employment opportunities, not just for business students, but for the entire university. Startup events are held frequently at the university, meaning more exposure for both students and the employers looking to hire. In fact, the entrepreneurs behind the businesses reach out directly to CU Boulder students for interns and employees. With all that exposure, it is no wonder CU has such a high post-graduate employment rate.

10. Boulder is like living life in a postcard.

We all wish we were as photogenic as Boulder.

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