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10 Reasons Why Your Childhood Friends Are Your Best Friends

10 Reasons Why Your Childhood Friends Are Your Best Friends

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a really awesome group of childhood friends. They have had my back through everything. Here is a list of 10 reasons why your childhood friends will always be the best friends!

1. You’ve been through everything together.

We all have a best friend who we did everything together with as a child, and although we may not be going to the same college, we still find a way to do basically everything with each other when we’re home. Every problem you had, as both a child and now an adult, they have been there to help you through it.

2. You also consider them to be like your brother or sister.

There is a time in every close friendship where you come to consider them either your brother or your sister. Even your family looks at them that way.


3. When you talk to others, you always find a way to relate a story back to your best friends.

When you are talking to another person you’ll notice that a lot of what they say begins to remind you of memories that you share with your childhood friends or even a story of something they may have done. I can admit, I do it all the time and it drives my girlfriend insane.

4. You are part of their family.

You can go over to their house and feel like you are part of their family. When you go, they expect you to stay for dinner and always make you feel welcome. You are also invited to all their family’s get togethers.

5. You have been on endless amounts of vacations together.

Knowing someone since you were little kids also comes with being invited on different vacations with them, as well as them being invited to your family’s vacation.


6. No matter the distance and time apart, when you are back together it feels like you never left.

Regardless of how far apart you have been, you can always ask that person to hangout and expect them to be there. It always feels right.

7. They can keep you in check.

When you are with your true friends, they can always tell when you’re about to act out or do something stupid and always have your back. These friends can always stop you and know exactly how to do so.


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8. They know the real you, not the fake you.

We all put on a front when meeting new people for the first time, whether we even notice it or not. We are afraid to act ourselves when meeting new people. You never feel that way when you are around your childhood friends.


9. You have a bunch of inside jokes with each other.

Everyone has inside jokes with friends but your best friend probably has the most with you. It takes time to get to that level of closeness. At the same time you can trust them not to let anyone else in on it.

10. You have been in trouble together.

Being around that best childhood friend so much it was bound that the two of you did something crazy together and both got in trouble for it. It has probably happened more than once and will happen plenty more times.

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