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10 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Start At UA

Keep reading for a countdown of the 10 reasons I can’t wait to start college at UA!

10. The Campus

UA’s campus isn’t just a place you go to school. It’s beautiful, scenic, and unforgettable. Unlike many other places, UA is a place you can proudly call home.

9. The Closeness

Whether it’s your roommate or a girl across the hall, you will always have someone there for you when you need them. Transitioning to a new environment is tough, and every other freshman will understand that.

8. The Clubs/Organizations

With over 500 organizations available to join, I am more than thrilled to have the ability to join as many as I’d like. I hope to find people that are similar to me, because that will help me create incredible friendships.  Although it’s easy to feel small on a large campus, I believe with this many clubs and organizations, you can still find your niche on campus. Find a group that makes you happy and put everything you have into it!

7. The SRC

As lame as it sounds, I am actually very excited to experience the popular Student Recreational Center for one sole reason: the rock wall. Not only do I have multiple bets with my friends from back home to attempt to climb, but I am also making it my goal to conquer the whole wall by the end of the year!

6. The Food

Between Rama Jama, Dixieland Barbecue, and Buffalo Phil’s…no wonder the freshman fifteen is a thing.

5. The Academic Freedom

UA is widely known for its rigorous courses. UA provides a large selection of classes including Astronomy, Intro to Listening, Creative Writing, Ballroom Dancing, Critical Thinking, Oceanography, and Tennis! The best part: you can pick what classes you want to take, when you want to take them, and how often you take them.

4. The People

UA is close to 50% in state and 50% out of state. This creates an extraordinarily diverse community and allows you to meet people from all across the nation with completely different cultural backgrounds. So not only could you potentially learn a thing or two from your out of state friend, but visit him or her on breaks!

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3. The Gameday Atmosphere

Between the shakers and tailgating bright and early, I am definitely looking forward to the Gameday atmosphere as a student at the University of Alabama. Oh, and I can’t wait to sing Sweet Home Alabama proudly on campus!

…and can we mention the Football Games?!

16 National Championships. Enough said.

2. The Town

I consider Tuscaloosa the ultimate college town and one of the coolest places in the South. With the variety of things to do on the Strip, Downtown, and campus, you’ll never feel bored. From what I have been told, concerts are incredible, the museums are timeless, and restaurants are to die for. I am excited to participate in all of it!

1. The Experience

From the minute I declared the University of Alabama as my college for undergraduate studies, joy has been building up inside of me. My favorite part is when people ask me where I’ll be attending, the immediate response I would get was a shock, awe and admiration. They’d tell me, “oh, you are going to have a blast there” and I know they’re right for multiple reasons. Some classify college as the best four years of your life and I am more than thrilled to spend mine at the University of Alabama.

Why are you excited to start at UA? Comment below and share with friends!
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Erin O'Brien

Erin was born and raised in Arkansas while spending her summers in Nantucket. She enjoys traveling, baking, and eating chocolate chip cookies. Erin plans to attend the University of Alabama in the fall.

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