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10 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Be A Sophomore

Oh, freshman year of college. Whenever anyone asks me how I like my freshmen year so far, I can’t even count how many times I have responded with the typical, “good, but it’s really stressful!” And even though this is completely true, it in no way reflects what I have gone through so far in my time as a freshman: the sleepless nights, the late night runs for food and bubble tea with friends, and the classes that make me want to drop out every time I get a test grade back. My freshman year of college has been so many things at once. But through the stress and tears, I’m still ready for what college has left in store for me. Here’s why I’m excited to be a sophomore.

1. Living In A New Environment

Don’t get me wrong, I love my freshman year dorm. Sure, the lighting sucks, and one of the most exciting things that happened to my suitemates and I was when we got a new shower head in our bathroom, but I have so many memories here and great people who live around me. But I want to try living in a few different places during my time in college. Next year, moving to a new building and different type of room is an experience I’m definitely looking forward to.

2. Taking Higher Level Classes

The bane of my existence in college so far has been taking intro level classes. They’re crowded, the professors can be difficult to understand, and they cover such a broad amount of material. Sophomore year, I get higher prioritization in registration and can start taking upper-level classes that delve into more specific information, which will make me much more confident about liking my major.


3. Trying New Clubs And Activities

So far this year I have tried out a few different clubs – the book club, the piano society, and the paranormal association to name a few. But colleges offer so many clubs, that I feel like I don’t even have enough time to try them all. With every new school year comes the possibility of trying a bunch of new things, and possibly finding an activity I never knew I would love, while having a few great experiences along the way.

4. Meeting New People

One of the best parts of college is meeting so many new people. Being around the same people all throughout high school, you don’t realize how many people are really out there in the world. College is an extremely diverse living and learning environment, and you get to meet people from all different backgrounds and connect. Especially with those who live around you, you get to make so many close bonds you would never expect to make.

5. Getting Active

Freshman year, it’s really easy to just stay in your room all day and watch Netflix, especially if the weather is not too nice. I know I have been guilty of this for most of the year so far. But a big part of staying healthy and feeling energized is getting outside or going to the gym and getting some exercise. During sophomore year I plan on making this an important part of my schedule, and maybe I’ll even join a sports club team on campus.

6. Better Opportunities

A lot of jobs, internships and research positions at college are not geared toward being available to freshman. Sure, there are a good amount of things that freshman can get involved with, but the really important, resume building stuff comes later on in your college career. Being a sophomore, I’m excited to start looking into these opportunities and begin applying.

7. Creating New Study Habits

The beginning of freshman year, I was a mess with studying. Everything was so stressful and new that I didn’t put in the time I needed to effectively study for my classes. This semester I have started to occasionally go to the library and rent out a room to study in with a few other people, and this has been very effective so far. During sophomore year, I plan to explore different study methods until I get a plan that can keep me from being distracted and going on a Netflix binge.

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8. Making More Memories With The Friends I Have

I know that in my freshman year, I’ve made some lifelong friends. I have grown incredibly close with the people that live in my hall, and with them I share so many amazing memories. In college, these are the people I consider my family – the ones who have been there for me through the highs and lows. I would never give up a single one of them, and because of this, I am excited in my sophomore year to grow even closer to them all. Even though we won’t all be living next door to one another, staying in touch with them will be a major priority.

9. Not Being The “New Kid”

I hate the feeling of newness linked to being a freshman in college. You’re young, vulnerable, and being thrown into a completely new experience, most likely with people you don’t know. I like familiarity and a sense of belonging. Getting through freshman year and being a sophomore, I feel that a lot of the stigma associated with being a freshman will disappear, as I start to find my niche in the college environment.

10. Assurance That I Can Stay In College For The Long Run

The transition into college life was not easy to go through. As everything is strange and new, I found myself questioning whether college was the right thing for me. But as freshman year is winding down, I find myself starting to enjoy college more and more every day. I know that if I can endure this incredibly hard freshman year and make it to sophomore year, I can make it through the stressful but amazing journey that is college.
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