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10 Reasons You Can’t Wait to Return to ASU

10 Reasons You Can’t Wait to Return to ASU

You took your finals, said your goodbyes, packed up your room, and headed back home for two excruciating months of summer break. The school year flew by, and frankly, you weren’t ready to leave. But now, fall is rolling around again. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself in an entirely new year at Arizona State University and boy, does it excite you. Here’s a little refresher of the 10 reasons you’re absolutely ecstatic to return to ASU, your home away from home!


1. You want to work on your tan.

If you’re a resident, you’re probably used to the AZ heat by now, but if you’re out-of-state, then perhaps you are dying to bask in the sunshine again. Fortunately for you, ASU is sunny all year-long. There’s never a bad time to hit up the campus pool and work on that tan!



2. You’re proud to be a Sun Devil.

Whether it’s Friday Night Lights, an action-packed basketball tournament, or even a simple get together with your favorite campus club, maroon and gold will become the most relevant colors in your closet! Once fall comes around, you’ll be completely immersed in everything Sun Devil. “Forks Up” will no longer receive eye rolls from your family and friends who just don’t get it. And you can represent Sparky as proudly and freely as your heart desires!

3. And of course, you’ve missed your friends.

Many of the greatest bonds you’ll ever create begin in college. Your roommate can’t stand another week away from you, your friend from math class wants to fill you in on the details of her amazing vacation, and your study group is eager to have a pizza and Netflix night together before you have to hit the books. You’re anticipating the moments you’ll be reunited with these people. Just one more month!


4. Your major is calling your name.

Missing those all-nighters you pulled to finish your loads of homework and projects? Absurd! In reality, however, it is quite natural to miss that stressful environment you  became so accustomed to. You were studying your true passion, and you look forward to advancing further in your progress this fall. Bring it on, professors.

5. You’ve been dying to try something new.

If your schedule was too full last year, now is your chance to get out of your comfort zone and experience something you’ve never done before. You might have been eyeing that Harry Potter course everyone talks about, or you’ve been considering an interesting intramural (Quidditch? Okay sorry, enough of me fangirling over Harry Potter). Or perhaps you just want to make new friends? This year belongs to you, and there’s nothing stopping you from getting out there and expanding yourself. The moment you’re back on campus, all opportunities will be up for grabs.

6. You need the exercise.

If you were on the overwhelmingly-large Tempe campus, you know the constant struggle of getting from your dorm to the dining hall, to your class, to the library, to your next class, etc. Of course, there are gyms all over campus, but walking, skateboarding, or biking around campus has always been the bulk of your cardio workout. While it may have been excruciating in the heat, the little bit of daily exercise was always a motivator to make it to your class. You’re yearning to return to this routine.


7. You already watched everything on Netflix.

After finishing every season available of How I Met Your Mother, you moved onto every single Leo DiCaprio movie and even stumbled on some weird documentary about killer whales. The beginning of a new school year will put a stop to these Netflixing habits. Before you know it, your social life will be at its peak and your sleep schedule will be back on track.

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8. You’re longing for those sunsets.

Arizona is known for its breathtaking sunsets. That being said, ASU just so happens to be perfect place for sunset views. Whether you had an awesome view from your freshman dorm, or an upperclassmen told you how to get rooftop access, sunset-watching became a part of your everyday regime. If your Instagram page has been lacking in vibrancy, it’s probably because you are dissatisfied with your current views. Just wait until you get back on campus; you’ll be able to experience a desert sunset again soon enough.


9. You’re becoming too dependent.

It’s nice having Mom to do your laundry and fix up a home-cooked meal, but it is time for you to be on your own again. Not paying your own way isn’t exactly helping you much. It’s nothing personal…you just need space away from home. In a month or so, you’ll get back into the swing of the independent life (and you will no longer have to share the TV with your sister).


10. The homesickness is getting to you.

Let’s face it: ASU will always be a part of you. In fact, you consider it a second home. You ache to be surrounded by your Sun Devil family once more. You bleed maroon and gold. Your heart belongs in Arizona State University. Come August, you’ll be welcomed back to your beloved school with open arms. And it will feel as if you never left.


However, if there’s one aspect of ASU you aren’t so anxious to get back to….that’s the food in the dining hall.

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