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10 Reasons You Can’t Wait to Go Back to Conn

10 Reasons You Can’t Wait to Go Back to Conn

It may only be June, but every day brings us closer to the start of next semester.  As much as you’re loving your internships, beach days, and vacations, as the time to head back to campus draws nearer, you’re probably not too upset because you know what awaits— and for those that don’t, you’ll find out soon enough. Keep scrolling for 10 reasons why you can’t wait to come back to Conn!

1. New classes

Remember waking up early in the morning to pick your classes that you wanted for the next semester? Well the new semester is finally approaching and so are those new classes! Even though classes can be annoying and time consuming, college wouldn’t be college without them. You need something to challenge you, increase your knowledge, and even stress you out in order to fully engage in the college experience.


2. Sports teams

Another reason why you can’t wait to come back to Conn is because when summer break is over, fall/winter sports’ season starts. When reunited with your teammates, you’ll get an overwhelming feeling of joy. You begin to prepare for long practices in the gym, game-days and Cro passes. Being with your team is equivalent to having a second family and it’s great!



3. Friends

Even though we might have seen some of our close friends over the break, nothing compares to living with them and seeing them every day.

4. Harris Dining Hall

Clearly, I have listed Harris dining hall sarcastically. But honestly, don’t you miss the unity that Harris creates between every student at Conn during breakfast, lunch and dinnertime? The constant complaining about Harris’s food is a key element of Conn Coll camaraderie. Admit it, the food may be iffy, but you’ve been missing Harris and its awesome workers.

5. Shain Library

In a lot of ways, Shain is one of the most popular hangout spots at Conn. We go to Shain all hours of the day and night to study, lounge, meet with friends, pass time, etc. After summer break, it’ll be straight to Shain library we go!


6. Conn’s bubble

The bubble that Connecticut College creates is very special, and a lot of us appreciate it. Conn’s bubble somehow simultaneously gives its students absolute freedom and protection, which is something you definitely can’t find everywhere.

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7. Quesadilla night

You know what night it is when Harris’s dining hall has a huge line full of students! Quesadilla night is literally the only night where you’re guaranteed to find something to eat in Harris, and that is what makes it so great. Once you get back on campus, you’ll be checking Camelweb religiously knowing quesadillas are in your future.



8. The artistic community

Connecticut College offers so many creative arts and is home to so many talented students. Dance shows, acapella shows, MOBROC, and others give us plenty of entertainment that is both fun and inspiring. Nothing beats seeing your friends create and perform great work!

9. Freedom of self-expression

As mentioned previously, Conn gives its students absolute freedom and that includes accepting individuality. I don’t know if the things we can get away with at Conn are as widely accepted in our hometowns and/or communities. It will feel great to come back to Conn and freely express yourself without the worry of what people think.


10. You’ve had enough of break.

The last reason why you can’t wait to come back to Conn is because summer break is just so long… you’re getting tired of it and want to be doing something other than relaxing. It’s not always easy getting back to the grindstone, but coming back to all the things we know and love (and some we love to hate … Harris anyone?) make getting back into the swing of things easier than being anywhere else.
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