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10 Reasons Why You Cannot Wait To Go Back To KSU

Summer is quickly coming to an end. It went by quickly, didn’t it? While I had a great summer, I am so excited for another great year at KSU! Here are 10 reasons why I cannot wait to go back to KSU in the fall.

1. You actually miss learning.

I get this way towards the end of July when I feel like I have spent way too much free time watching Netflix and snacking. My brain begins to lose its intellectual flex.

2. Access to a great gym.

I get extra lazy during the summer, especially when it is really hot. I spend quite a bit of time doing the above mentioned activities. Being on campus motivates me to use the gym on campus. My student fees pay for it, so why not take advantage of it.


3. Your favorite campus activities.

The fall semester always seems like they are packed full of activities. At KSU, we kick off the football season with a bang. Fall semester just always seems like a good time to try new things and join clubs that make you feel excited to be a part of.

4. That fresh start feeling.

It is a new school year and a clean slate to start over. You can reinvent yourself or just continue improving on your wonderful self.

5. The scenery!

Sometimes you need a new view to look at rather than an office or the pool, depending on how you spent your summer. No Judgement. But even those fun pool days and boring office walls can make you feel a bit stifled.

6. Football!!

Just the thought of the football season starting is enough to make you excited to go back. Just the energy and vibe from the K-State community makes you so excited.

7. School supplies!

I am a sucker for new school supplies. I may be obsessed with them. New notebooks, pretty pens, colorful designs, planners, and more all in the mindset that I will be a studious student and be a study master. New supplies give you a bit of pep in your step.

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8. The campus itself.

I am looking forward to seeing the campus again and on those nice days, walking and enjoying the scenery, when I am not trying to get to my next class in a hurry!

9. Can’t forget about your friends!

Some of the friends you meet in college may come from many different places, so when summer rolls around, everyone goes home. There are the texts and occasional Skype chats, but it is exciting to see them in person when the semester starts. Thinking of all the adventures you will have makes you want to go back even more.

10. It feels like home.

Campus is your second home and eventually it gets to a point where it feels like your main home. Summer break is like going on vacation. While you have enjoyed the fun summer has to offer, there is no place like home.

Do you have any other reasons why you can’t wait to go back to KSU? Feel free to comment below. If you enjoyed these reasons, share the article!
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