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10 Reasons Why Bid Day Feels Like Christmas

10 Reasons Why Bid Day Feels Like Christmas

We all know that rush week is stressful, nerve wracking, and extremely tiring, but that it all comes down to one glorious day of relief… Bid Day. After undergoing a full, hectic week of running around from sorority to sorority in 100 degree heat, your head probably still has crazy flashbacks to those rush days. All the sororities practice energy and strategy to perfection, and that whole process is really quite incredible.

Throughout the various rounds, PNMs pick and choose which houses they love and want to continue going to with rush. Of course, getting dropped from a house is possible too, but ultimately, it ends up working out. After the roller coaster of a week, you are eventually welcomed into a house full of sisters who can potentially be your friends for life! Keep reading for 10 reasons why bid day feels like Christmas…

1. Trying to see your bid through the envelope is like trying to figure out what’s in a wrapped present.


2. “Please, please, please let it be the house I wanted!”

3. The anticipation is REAL, just let me open the envelope please.

4. You feel all jittery with a mix of excitement and nervousness.

5. It’s time to open your bid, you’ve been waiting hours for this moment!

6. Now, you’re trying your best to make it out alive of the stampede running toward your new house’s lawn…

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7. Wow, a jersey and a bag full of stuff with your sorority’s letters on everything, this is like Christmas in August!

8. You’ve probably never heard so many girls screeching with excitement before.

9. You must tell everyone you know about which house you got!


10. And that’s a wrap… bid day is something special you’ll always remember (throw what you know)!

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