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10 Awesome Reasons To Attend UA

10 Awesome Reasons To Attend UA

The University of Alabama is one of the best colleges to go to! Here are some awesome reasons why you should choose UA over other schools!

The University of Alabama is its own little world in the heart of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. UA is recognized for many of its attributes, including an insanely talented football team, wild Greek life, multi-million dollar mansions, and most importantly – the stellar academics provided to students. Keep reading for 10 great reasons to attend UA!


1. The incredible football seasons.

It’s hard to be humble when your school has one of the best college football teams in the nation, so from September to December, students and Alabama fans take over the entire quad tailgating before the game at Bryant Denny.


2. The largest university Greek Life presence.

Greek life at UA acts as a major social component, and it is a great way to meet your potential friends for life!


3. The gorgeous campus.

UA’s campus is beautiful. From the buildings on the quad, furnished dorms that look like hotels, and top notch student center, this is everything you could ever want in a university.


4. The year-round pleasant weather.

Nothing like comfortably warm falls, and springs and cool winters right?

5. The fun social scene.

The social scene of UA is always lively and lit. Every night you can find something fun to do!

6. Of course, the wonderful education.

UA has been given awards in various categories because of the vast selection of classes. There is plenty for students to choose from in terms of majors and minors!


7. The great food.

There’s something special about Southern food. Whether it’s a biscuit or something deep fried, it’s all irresistible.

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8. The amazing people.

Southerners are very hospitable with their “sir and ma’ams.”



9. The prevalent diversity.

You get to meet people from all around the country.

10. The unique style.

Girl’s rock over-sized t-shirts and Nike shorts by day, and fur vests, beaded necklaces, jeans and booties by night.

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