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10 Reasons Why You Already Can’t Wait To Go Back To Temple

10 Reasons Why You Already Can’t Wait To Go Back To Temple

Keep reading for 10 reasons why you already can’t wait to go back to Temple!

1. You get a break from your parents.

As much as I love shopping with my mom or watching TV with my dad, hanging out with parents can get boring after a week. You start craving going out with your friends or even some alone time to watch your favorite Netflix series.

2. You get to see your college friends again.

Nowadays with Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat it’s easy to keep in touch with friends but sometimes you need a real personal connection with them. After all you can’t see a person’s facial expressions or read their body language over a text message. For me, if I have any type of groundbreaking news ranging from gossip to heartbreak I have to talk to you face to face.



3. You can enjoy your independent freedom once more.

My favorite part about college is definitely the freedom to make my own choices that comes with it. I don’t have to ask my parents’ permission to go anywhere, unleashing a series of questions like ‘Where are you going’, ‘Who are you going to be with?’ and the dreaded question ‘How late will you be?’. I also don’t have to have anyone telling me to clean my room or do the dishes.

4. It is the end of being bored and unproductive.

Lets face it. Watching TV, reading magazines, and hanging out with friends is all really great. But after a while you start to feel unproductive, like you’re wasting your time. At least you know that being on campus will force you to focus on classes, clubs, scoring an internship and the multitude of other mind engaging aspects to look forward to.


5. You have fun Temple sporting events to attend.

Sports events are huge especially at Temple. It’s nice to feel as if you’re a part of an important event even if you’re not one of the team members.

6. You have fun fraternity parties to attend.

Whether you drink or not these parties are great to just chill and hang out with your friends after a long and stressful week. And if you do drink, then frat parties are a great way to score some free alcohol.

7. You have the opportunity to meet new people again.

After a while high school friendships start to fade away or you feel like you’re always stuck seeing the same people when you come home for breaks. College gives you a chance to widen your friend circle by meeting new people. The more people that you meet the more educated you become. I have personally learned a lot from the people that I met my first year of college.

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8. You can avoid seeing people from high school.

Whether it’s that girl that you always despised/were jealous of, or that guy that rejected you during sophomore year, there are certain people that you wouldn’t mind never seeing again. It’s just plain awkward to run into them at the grocery store or at the mall. Going away to college can help solve this problem really easily.



9. New extracurricular=new experiences.

College is all about having new experiences. You don’t want to wake up ten years from now and regret not having new adventures when you had the chance. New extracurriculars will give you new experiences and a chance to learn more about yourself.


10. You have a new motivation to work out.

When you are at home, you have no motivation to workout because there are so many other distractions. Besides no one wants to work out just to sit in their pajamas and eat ice cream afterwards.  But when you’re at college and have an active social life, then of course you feel the need to look good.

What are some other things that make you look forward to go back to Temple? Comment your thoughts below and share this article with a friend!
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