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10 Reasons You Already Can’t Wait to Go Back to CSUN

It is July and your feet are already tapping. You are counting the days (and minutes) until August. Honestly, same. Summer is cool and all, but we both know, fall semester cannot come fast enough. If you are anything like me, these 10 reasons you can’t wait to go back to CSUN will totally strike a chord!

1. You’re no longer going to be stuck at home.

Being at home for any longer than a month is like jail. Suddenly, you realize that your parents’ rules are way different than your own. Oh, and you remember that, while you thought you missed cable at school, there is never really anything good on. Netflix is pretty much the best bet…except that binge-til-3 habit…you keep getting dirty looks from your mom. Again.

2. It’s time to say hello to the squirrels.

Is it just me or every time you see a squirrel out, you get a little school-sick for CSUN? I mean, the squirrels there are far more friendly than normal. Do not fear, Rafael! I’m coming back to you! And George! And Alison! And Raul! *continues to list squirrel names*

3. You’re TOTALLY ready for all those new school year resolutions.

Although you said that last semester, this time it’s for real. Straight-A’s, exercise at the SRC, and parties, here you come! And, obviously, this still leaves time for those well-deserved Netflix binges, right? Of course.

4. You miss learning cool new stuff.

This summer you learned that you can stack 14 cheerios on your baby nephew’s head, while he is asleep…but that is not the most useful thing in the world. You miss going to lectures (or skipping lecture and opting for the textbook) and learning all the cool things that make you realize: yeah, I chose to go to college. Learning is fun, even if you do complain about it (most of the time).

5. You love getting new school supplies.

Pencils and notebooks and gel pens and highlighters! Need I say more? You are so counting down the days until it becomes socially acceptable to march right into the Matador bookstore and buy that planner you have been eying (since June).

6. Clubs are coming back to life.

It has been ages (more like two months, a week, and thirty three seconds), since you last had the opportunity to go to one of your club meetings. Whether it is the Creative Writing Circle or Improv Club, you have been itching to return.

7. Who doesn’t love being walking distance from everything?

Who really needs a car, when CSUN is close to everything? Want Chinese? Panda’s got you. Mexican? El Pollo Loco. Pizza? Pizza Rev is literally a hop and a skip away. Not to mention, there are dozens of other places ready to satisfy any of your cravings. Take that, 10 minute drive to McDonald’s!

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8. You miss getting to see all your classmates.

Keeping track of everybody outside of school is never the same. With the fall semester fast-approaching, you finally get to see everybody in their natural habitat: the classroom. Not to mention, it is exciting to see all those people you nod at in acknowledgement on the way to class…like the guy with the nice clothes, neat afro, and cool glasses. I wonder how his summer went… Or, there’s that one girl you always saw wearing pajamas. Did she buy any cute new loungewear? Inquiring minds have a right to know!

9. You are ready for living on campus.

You never thought you would miss the ease of access you had to the Farmer’s Market, until it was gone. Buying from the grocery store is simply not the same. Then, there is Freudian Sip! Where else are you supposed to get a coffee and Freud pun all in one trip? And, don’t even get me started on how boring summer is without being able to trek your way to one of the CSUN theatre department’s shows. Urinetown was bomb and you need another good musical, like, yesterday.

10. Be honest…you missed CSUN like crazy!

It is always easy to complain about school when you are in the middle of it. But, when push comes to shove, coming to CSUN was one of your best decisions and being away just feels plain wrong. Going back to school means making new memories and stories. A minute away from CSUN is kinda like ripping a band-aid off: it stings.

Is it August yet? *Looks at Calendar* Dang it. Still July.

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