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10 Quick Outfits Perfect For Rushed Mornings

10 Quick Outfits Perfect For Rushed Mornings


We all have those mornings where it seems like we’re moving at the speed of light; rushing around the house (or dorm room) trying to pull together a decent outfit, pack your bag with all of the days essentials (including that term paper you stayed up all night writing), and somewhat tidy up your side of the room (so your roommate doesn’t kill you when she wakes up). Rushed mornings are never easy. Thankfully, there are a few quick outfits you can easily throw on without much thought…that will always look good. At least that’s one less thing you’ll have to think about on those crazy, extra-shot-of-espresso-please kind of mornings.

1. Wannabe skater

This has to be one of my favorites. All you need is a beanie, cut-off shorts, a band tee, and Vans. A lot of skaters tend to wear this outfit. I just love it because of the confidence booster it gives me. I don’t know about you, but I always feel super badass when I wear a beanie and Vans. If you don’t have any beanies, purchase them from stores like American Apparel or Zoomiez.

2. Comfy, cruisin’ casual

Ripped jeans can be styled with almost anything. For this look, add a long sleeved decaled shirt, flats, and maybe even sunglasses. Ripped jeans are trendy but edgy. Decaled shirts are quirky and show off your personality. Forever21 always has some good ones. With both sunglasses and ripped jeans, you’ll look so laid back in this look!


3. Basic but sleek

Converse, crop tops, and leggings are all wardrobe essentials. Pair them together and you have a simple yet great outfit. It shows off your curves, too. Just make sure that your leggings aren’t see-through! I think this look would go great with a smooth, high ponytail.

4. Fancy fedora

No time to brush or detangle your hair? Throw on a fedora. Then, slip into a dress and step into some Oxfords or bootie heels. This is definitely the most elegant of all of the outfits here. But if this artsy look seems like your style, try it out.

5. Lumber-girl

This outfit is perfect for the fall. All you need are a flannel/plaid shirt (steal it from your boyfriend if you need to), dark jeans, and combat boots. These shoes are typically pretty heavy duty, so you should be set for any weather that would ruin typical shoes. Long waves or a singular braid would be a nice hairstyle for this outfit.


6. Hittin’ the streets

This look requires your favorite pair of jeans. Also, find your moccasins and a loose tee shirt. If the sleeves seem to baggy, just roll them up! This is definitely an every-day type outfit. I love my brown moccasins because they match almost everything.

7. Going to the gym

This look is exactly what you would think. Dress how you would if you were working out, regardless of whether or not you’re going to exercise. Athletic gear is made to be stretchy and flexible. So rest assure you’ll be able to handle every activity throughout your day.

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8. Preppy and cute

This is a really fun and whimsical style with a bit of a school girl twist. Find a pastel colored top, light jeans, and Sperrys. Cuff your jeans at the bottom.


9. Summer vibes

It’s time to pull out that romper at the back of your closet and some sandals. Rompers are like the more practical version of a dress. They go great with any body type. Their patterns are always so charming and inventive. So this is a great opportunity to show off your spunky side in a subtle way (oxymoron, I know.)

10. Bumming it

Aka every college student ever. When all else fails and you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, opt for a lazy outfit. Throw on some oversized sweats and a zip up. (Neglect to wear a tank top underneath if you’re not feelin’ it.) Finish the outfit with athletic shoes like Nike or, if you’re feeling especially lax, throw on some UGGs. Hey, no one can judge you. Everyone’s worn this get-up one time or another.

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