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10 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

10 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How many times have you heard that line before? Well, while science is still deciding if this is true or not, breakfast certainly helps make for a more productive day (especially on busy mornings). By incorporating quick and healthy breakfast ideas into your morning routine, you can ensure your body has enough energy to get through the AM hours and guarantee you won’t be hit with that mid-morning tummy growl. In my opinion, animal products are a bit heavy on the stomach and tend to weigh us down, which is why I’ve rounded up 10 quick and healthy breakfast ideas that are all vegan (don’t be scared, people, just try it)! But of course, if you can’t part with your animal based products, simply substitute the dairy free version with the product you prefer.

1. Nut Butter Toast

Try to pick a whole grain bread that has some nutrients in it. Ezekiel bread is a great gluten free option made with organic grains. Choose your favorite nut butter (mine is almond) and spread a tablespoon on top of the toasted bread. If you’re feeling extra fancy, garnish with sliced banana and a sprinkle of Chia seeds on top for some extra energy, taste and texture.

2. Avocado Toast

Thanks to Instagram, avocado toast has become Insta-famous…and it’s not hard to understand why. Avocado toast is always a great choice. Mash up half an avocado and spread over 2 pieces of toast. Shake a little salt and pepper on top, or go a little crazy with chili flakes or Siracha. YUM.


3. Proats

A great way to vamp up boring old oatmeal is to add a scoop of protein powder to them. Simply add the powder to the oats and cook like you normally would (the easiest way is to mix with water and pop into the microwave). When the oatmeal is ready, finish it off with any toppings you’d like. Try adding a tablespoon of nut butter immediately after it comes out of the microwave – it melts the butter and creates a wonderfully creamy texture. Some other great topping options include spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), nuts, seeds, fruit – you name it!

4. Homemade Granola

Don’t let the “homemade” part fool you – I wouldn’t put this on the quick and healthy breakfast ideas list if it wasn’t, well, quick and easy! Sure, it takes a little extra effort to make a big batch (sounds like the perfect Sunday activity to me), but it will provide you breakfast throughout the entire week. Think about it – store bought granola tends to be super processed and full of sugar, so the extra effort is so worth it. Whitney Port from “The Hills” has a great recipe that you can find here.

5. Yogurt Parfait (dairy free of course)

Pick a few of your favorite fruits and slice them up. Interchange layers of sliced fruit and coconut yogurt (or whichever type you prefer) – I recommend the brand So Delicious for all things dairy free. For some added texture, add in a couple layers of granola…homemade granola.


6. Cereal

Are there any quick and healthy breakfast ideas more simple than a bowl of cereal? Be careful with this suggestion though – many cereals out there are packed with sugar and processed ingredients. If you really want to follow through with the healthy part, look for cereals that are organic and natural. Then top it off with some non GMO almond milk for a nice splash of protein.

7. A Salad (WAIT WHAT??)

Who says you can’t eat lunch for breakfast? Why not mix it up? Make sure to use some avocado or chickpeas for healthy fats that will keep you full until noon. Throw in some flavorful berries and crunchy nuts to round it all out.

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8. Tofu Scramble

Swap the eggs for tofu. Simple. Add the tofu and a handful of veggies to one pan and scramble away – it’s as easy as that.

9. A Smoothie

A classic breakfast option and one of my favorite quick and healthy breakfast ideas. You can prepackage your smoothie ingredients into plastic bags and place them in the freezer. This way, you don’t even have to worry about divvying up the ingredients in the morning, just empty the contents of the bag into the blender, add some liquid and blend! There’s so many different recipes to choose from; the girls behind Tone It Up have tons of smoothie recipe inspiration (here) to keep you satisfied all morning.

10. A Breakfast Bar (…a last resort)

If you’re literally running out the door, a breakfast bar will do. Try to choose something organic or non GMO that has a substantial amount of protein or healthy fats. I personally love Sakara Life, a delivery service that offers a ton of brands that make breakfast bars with all organic and plant based ingredients.

Featured image source: thehealthybreakfast.