10 Questions You Have About University of Alabama Housing: Answered

Keep reading for answers to these 10 popular questions about University of Alabama housing!

1. What is the best dorm to stay in?

Personally, I think the best dorm to stay in out of all University of Alabama housing is Presidential. It’s a 4 bedroom suite with a kitchen and a living room. The way it’s set up literally looks like an apartment and you seriously can’t believe freshman live there…and it’s fairly new.

2. Are there curfews?

There’s no certain curfew for University of Alabama housing in terms of when you may enter/leave your dorm or have a friend over. However, this is something you might want to talk about with your roommates to get a clear understanding of your dorm rules.


3. Do all freshmen have to live on campus?

Not necessarily all. It is expected by the University of Alabama housing that incoming freshmen should stay on campus, but if you’re residing with your parents or legal guardian then you may be exempt.

4. Can I pull a roommate into a room with me if I didn’t add him/her?

No. Only roommates that have been confirmed before the roommate selection deadline can live in the same room as you.

5. Can you bring in your own furniture?

Yes, you may bring items that are necessary to decorate your own dorm room however you want. Though most dorms in University of Alabama housing usually have the furniture for the living area already.

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6. Can I have my car?

Yes. Except, you do have to pay for a parking decal which is around $320 but the amount may fluctuate from year to year. Usually, students ride/rent bikes and use the bus to get to and from class.

7. Am I allowed to have alcohol in my dorm?

If you’re under the age of 21, alcohol is prohibited in University of Alabama housing. If you are over the age of 21, you cannot allow anyone under the age limit to have alcohol usage on campus.

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8. Where do I receive mail on campus?

Mail and packages are delivered directly to the Ferguson Mail Center on campus. Have in mind that everything that you ship MUST have a tracking number on it or it will get sent back. You can also rent a mailbox as well.

9. Do residence halls remain open during breaks?

Residence halls do not close during Fall and Thanksgiving Break. For the other breaks, only certain residence halls stay open, so make sure to check if yours does before you plan any trips or visits.


10. Is loud music allowed?

University of Alabama housing allows you to play your music at any volume as long as it doesn’t disturb neighbors and if your roommates are okay with it.

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